6 Valentine’s creative decor ideas

6 valentines creative decor ideas

We are less than a month away from Valentine’s Day.  I have a couple projects I hope to share soon for the upcoming holiday but in the meantime I thought I would share some ideas I have done in the past to inject some romance and love vibes.  It does not have to be over the top decorations but just subtle touches here & there.

§ {1} A Valentine’s Wreath

 valentine wreath 5a valentine wreath

Your front door wreath is the first thing that greets family and friends and immediately sets the tone.  A festive wreath is always a welcoming sight.  A couple of years ago I created this moss XOXO wreath.  It’s a great way to use an existing wreath and not necessarily have to buy or create an entire new wreath just for the particular holiday.  You can follow the link above to get all the DIY details.  

 valentine wreath 2

On a side note, a good college friend of mine mentioned years ago that I always signed my notes using XO.  This was long before texting and even e-mails {yes, I am that old} so my notes were all handwritten.  I had never thought about it or even realized it, but it was a habit that my mother had instilled in me since she always signed her notes the same way.  I had lost my mom years before so my friend was right, and he made me realize that I carried my mom with me in ways that I didn’t even realize. 

§ {2} Chalkboard Slabs

Sweet valentine decor2
Words and sentiments is a great way to evoke a feeling or set a mood.  These chalkboard wooden slabs are a versatile way to change it up for any season or occasion.  We all love to set pretty tables and these fun wooden slabs are super easy to make and super fun to adapt to your style.

6 valentines creative decor ideas 1

I simply painted one side of the wooden slab with chalkboard paint. Since only one side is painted with the chalkboard paint, the slab can still be used on the other side as an organic piece of wood if desired.  Three coats of the chalkboard paint were used, allowing the paint to fully dry between coats {my usual MO is to let things dry overnight}.  The wooden slabs were acquired over time using coupons at Michaels, since the project requires multiple slabs depending on how many place settings you need | want.

§{3} Romantic French Label Bottles

6 valentines creative decor ideas 2French label bottles DI

By using romantic, French labels you can elevate everyday bottles.  I have used these bottles in so many different ways since I made them.  You can get all the details on how to make your own in the original post, just follow the link above.  

Romantic tablescape for 4-4romantic tablescape for four

Here the bottles were sweet place settings on this Valentine’s Day table with eucalyptus sprigs.  You can see more pictures of the table by following the above link.

§ {4} Vintage Sheet Music Runner

V-day tablescape2Valentine’s day tablescape 2016

Another way to create a romantic mood at your Valentine’s Day table is to use vintage sheet music down the middle of the table to create a runner.  It’s super inexpensive and it creates a fun, romantic vibe.   

V-day tablescape3
On Valentine’s Day restaurants tends to be in high demand {not sure what it will be like this year} but historically reservations are a must.  To that point, we prefer to avoid the crowds and cook a decadent meal at home.   We enjoy working in the kitchen together and we can relax in our own home.   Of course, setting a pretty table is always part of the process and sets the tone.  

§ {5} Sweet Picture Craft

6 valentines creative decor ideas 3

By pairing vintage sheet music with vintage valentine’s graphics you can make sweet little valentine pictures.  These are great little details for a vignette in your Valentine decor.

6 valentines creative decor ideas 4

Little individual frames at each place setting would be adorable for a tablescape or | and this would also be a sweet gift for a galentine.  Frames can always be found at thrift stores, which can be altered with paint and embellishments.

§ {6} Grower Pot Decor

6 valentines creative decor ideas 5

Flowers are a big part of the Valentine celebration and potted flowers are a great alternative to cut flowers.  Potted flowers last much longer and depending on the variety you can maybe plant them outside but the plastic grower pots are not the prettiest.  I wrap the grower pots in, yes, you guessed it, vintage sheet music.  I love using vintage sheet music in a variety of ways, for other ideas in using sheet music check out this post{sheet music tabletop}.

6 valentines creative decor ideas 6

Burlap is also a great alternative to covering the grower pots.  The wide burlap ribbons you can find at craft stores are perfect for the job.  You can also use pretty wrapping paper or crafting paper as well as tissue paper or even fabric.

V-day tablescape11

I know not everybody decorates for the Valentine’s Day holiday, but if you do, I hope this provides some inspiration for the holiday of love. 

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”


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  1. I love the creativity that you use to decorate. The sheet music runner and the door wreath are my favorites. Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend.

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  3. Naush Samama says:

    Maryjo, it looks like, you’re all set for Valentines dinner !
    The wood discs with chalk paint and the French label bottles just complete the Valentines decor.
    Thank you for sharing your ideas with us at Meraki Link Party.
    Have a wonderful week

  4. Thanks Naush! Yes, these are all ideas from a few years ago. I am glad you like them. I have some projects planned for this year which I will be sharing soon. Thanks for stopping by friend!

  5. I like the added touch of the Bingo card. All of your decorations are so pretty. Hope you enjoy the holiday. Thanks for sharing. #HomeMattersParty

  6. What wonderful ideas. Featuring when my party opens up tonight. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Thank you so much Carol! You totally made my day. You’re a sweetheart. See you at your place 😉! XO- MJ

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