a rash of good luck

Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone! {image compliments of the graphics fairy} Our family is not Irish and we don’t particularly celebrate this holiday.  however Mr. M & I did indulge in a little bit of corn beef & cabbage for lunch today along with little Miss M, who rather liked it for her first try.Continue reading “a rash of good luck”

ACTIVE – my one little word for 2015

When I replaced my new year’s resolutions with one little word years ago I also put it on paper to establish my commitment. I scrapbook a page about it ‘cuz  a} it’s way more fun than just writing about it and  b} it’s what I was into when I started this. ACTIVE is my wordContinue reading “ACTIVE – my one little word for 2015”

a brand new year full of possibilities

So I’ve been reflecting a bit since I cleaned up Christmas. And trying to set my goals and prioritize my aspirations for 2015. My house is almost, almost back to normal. And it’s nice to feel clean & look around, but unfortunately I see all the projects I want to get done. Last year IContinue reading “a brand new year full of possibilities”

october workshop – mirror image

In this workshop we learn how to use a layout sketch and then reverse it or invert it or flip it in order to use it over and over again.  I got the inspiration for this workshop from Donna Downey’s book “a photos-first approach to designing layouts”.  It’s a great idea book and I’ve been inspiredContinue reading “october workshop – mirror image”

waaaaay behind…..

So I’m absurdly behind schedule with my monthly theme kits for my scrapbooking club members.  I just finished the June samples that were “Father’s day” themed.  Remember the sneak peek here?  Yeah, it was a looooong time ago. Anyway here’s the 2-page layout~ and the 1-page layout~ Although I created “Father’s day” layouts with thisContinue reading “waaaaay behind…..”

new catalogs have arrived!

Memoryworks has done it again!  The fall release is super and gets some creative goodness flowing.  I can’t wait to start making some fun seasonal projects, but like always the lists of ideas going through my head will long outlast my production.  That’s ok though.  I rather have too many ideas rather than not enough.Continue reading “new catalogs have arrived!”