october workshop – mirror image

In this workshop we learn how to use a layout sketch and then reverse it or invert it or flip it in order to use it over and over again.  I got the inspiration for this workshop from Donna Downey’s book “a photos-first approach to designing layouts”.  It’s a great idea book and I’ve been inspired by it over and over again.  It’s one of the books I go to time and time again.  The funny part is that it’s a fairly basic concept, yet it totally sparks creativity for me every time.
Anyway, here’s the 2-page 12×12 layout.  Basically the left & right pages are mirror images of each other design-wise BUT not exactly identical.
Mirror image - sample 2
Here’s the 1-page 12×12 layout.  This layout is divided by the BoBunny tulle rosettes (super cute btw); the top & bottom are mirror images of each other just simply inverted from left to right.  Although that’s not exactly what someone will think when they look at this layout, It will be pleasing to the eye because of the symmetry.  Make sense?
Mirror image - sample 1
Kit includes:
Necessary additional tools:
  • several punches
  • various stamps & inks
Workshop is scheduled for this Thursday, October 28th in my home @ 7:30pm like always.
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