metal pumpkins garden vignette

School is back in session, which to me always signifies summer is over and fall is here. Now of course when I went to school we started school after Labor Day and although the kids seem to start earlier and earlier nowadays the emotion remains the same to me. The start of school = fallContinue reading “metal pumpkins garden vignette”

dinner for 2 al fresco

I love eating al fresco.  It usually up in my mind a little bistro in Europe with amazing food, wonderful vistas and great ambiance. So here’s a nod to all those fantastic memories of those memorable meals right in the corner of our own patio. It immediately elevates whatever one is eating, drinking, talking about,Continue reading “dinner for 2 al fresco”

container gardening 2017

It’s no secret that I love container gardening. And although my love for container gardening stemmed from marketing traditional planters I love to use unusual containers as well. It adds another layer of interest to pretty flowers and foliage. IIt has been incredibly hot here this summer in northern california & while I was awayContinue reading “container gardening 2017”

it’s a goat thing

So back in may I attended the Goat Hill f\Fair.  None of my vintage hunting friends were available to join me so I almost went solo.  But then Mr. Masterpiece decided to come with me last minute which turned out to be really, really fun It helped that there were adult beverages available but heContinue reading “it’s a goat thing”

anthropologie & terrain love

So I mentioned that I visited the brand new Anthropologie store in our area, which is HUMUNGOUS and contains the Terrain sub set store.  If you are not familiar with terrain– you must.  Go.  I’ll be right here when you’re done.  They have store fronts on the east coast but not out west so theyContinue reading “anthropologie & terrain love”

glass cloches & dried flowers

Just playing with some decor around here as I shift things from summer to pre-fall. Without meaning to I found myself with a bunch of dried blooms. I shared with you not to long ago this post where I found myself with some dried roses that were reminiscent of my wedding. And I always haveContinue reading “glass cloches & dried flowers”

quick, upcycled decor update

We all love to decorate throughout the seasons, but many times I like to keep the basic bones the same and just change out the details. Remember when I shared this super easy & quick diy decor? You can read all the details here. I just wanted to show you how I updated it itContinue reading “quick, upcycled decor update”

gray container garden vignette

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of container gardening. I became a big fan back in my professional days when I ran marketing for a garden product distributor.  You can read more about that here. Container gardening is extremely versatile since you can fairly easily move the planters around. Also there are a varietyContinue reading “gray container garden vignette”

on the menu ~ beyond the caprese salad

I love caprese salads! From the rich fresh mozarella cheese to the juicy tomatoes to the fragrant basil. We eat caprese salads a bunch around here & my favorite is when we have fresh tomatoes & basil from our own veggie garden. You can read more about our home garden here and here and here.Continue reading “on the menu ~ beyond the caprese salad”