fall porch 2015

{before i get into the post i want to apologize ahead of time for the harsh shadows.  I took the pictures in full sun but I wanted to get it done today since I’ll be gone all weekend with Miss M} I thought I would share the fall porch before the ghouls & goblins takeContinue reading “fall porch 2015”

welcome first day of fall

Today marks the autumnal equinox. I’ve been adding fall touches here and there. Although it’s hard in northern California where the temps are still high. There’s been a few days where the temperature stayed in the 70s. Perfect fall weather. But way too many days in the 100 degree neighborhood. I’m ready for crisp, fallContinue reading “welcome first day of fall”

container gardening & old chairs

I love container gardening. In my professional job before starting a family I was the marketing director for one of the largest pottery importers|distributors in the United States. It was fun selecting the styles & sizes to import and actually designing some styles for the factories to create.  I still see some of the designsContinue reading “container gardening & old chairs”

cutting garden inspiration

I love the notion of cutting gardens. They’re beautiful planted outside & then beautiful as cut blooms inside. I don’t have a formal cutting garden per se but I bring as much of the outside in as I can during this time of year. I shared here {summer decor} how I used my hydrangeas inContinue reading “cutting garden inspiration”

on the menu ~ lemons

I love lemons.  I love to cook with them.  I love to decorate with them.  I love to mix drinks with them.  I love them.  Period.  Anything with a lemon motif on it i’m usually drawn to.  So of course we have a lemon tree in the backyard. That’s the last lemon standing for thisContinue reading “on the menu ~ lemons”

winter blues

I’m feeling a bit blah lately and it’s really not about the weather.  It’s crazy warm in northern California.  Dare, I say, too warm for this time of year? We have 5 pear trees in the backyard and they bloomed unseasonably  early.  now I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, ‘Cuz I’m not.  I’mContinue reading “winter blues”

when life gives you lemons….

Make lemonade {which I plan to make today} Make roasted lemon chicken {which I made last night} Make lemon cheesecake {which hopefully I’ll make this weekend} But our tree overfloweth and I need more recipes {of course I haven’t googled yet or anything} Our tree is going crazy {which I love & not complaining byContinue reading “when life gives you lemons….”

tomAto, tomaato….

Here we are towards the tail end of September and my garden is still going nuts with tomatoes.  I love this California growing season!  This picture is from a couple of weeks ago.  This week I had an overflowing basket of the plum tomatoes & I just can’t keep up.  I’m not into canning…(yet)…so it’sContinue reading “tomAto, tomaato….”