vegetable garden mid-summer update

We recently got back home to California from a family vacation to the East Coast.  Our vegetable garden has blossomed while we were gone and we are now literally enjoying the fruits of our labor.  Also, before we left we started some updates in the garden and today we want to share some of the fun happenings in our veggie garden.

The Masterpiece men built a new fence around the vegetable garden in the back of our property.  Although I loved our old picket fence it had become old and tattered after serving us for little over a decade.  Apparently the original garden landscaper we used did not use the proper type of wood and it had started to rot. If you’re not familiar with our old fence, here’s a peek.

Although I was sad to see the old fence go, it was time for an upgrade. There were so many pieces falling off and missing I had to carefully compose my photographs and crop the less desirable parts. Also when we removed the fence we found out it had termites so it was fortunate we decided to make the change . 

You know what they say- if we want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Soooo the Masterpiece men built a new livestock style fence like the one they built in the front of the property during Covid-19 SIP. There will be a post dedicated too all the details behind this fence including the arbor and gate. You can read all the details about the existing fence in the front yard here:

the Hogwire fence project

I love how the fence looks and I love that it was a family affair. Sebastian helped Matt build it and Lexi helped Matt paint it. I supervised and maintained quality control. 😉💛🤩

In addition to the new fence we also stained the raised planting beds with a gray stain. The beds had been constructed using redwood planks and the color has always bothered me. Now I love how they are a neutral background for all the nature around them. You can see the difference in color in the picture below while the job was still in process.

Early on in the summer we enjoyed lettuces and herbs from the garden. Now we are enjoying various varieties of tomatoes and peppers. Everything went gangbusters while we were away on vacation.

There when we got home. We plant Roma, cherry and pear varieties. We prefer the smaller scale tomatoes and we’ve been eating a whole lot of them around here. I will share some of the dishes and recipes we use in subsequent posts.

Of course, the best way to eat them is plucked right off the delicate branches while they are sun kissed. So sweet and warm from the sun- so, SO good!

Last week we had tapas for dinner so we could use as much harvest from the garden as possible. For one of the dishes we sautéed a varieties of the tomatoes and shishito peppers, which topped off a fresh piece of burrata. It was so simple to make and so delicious to eat with some yummy crusty bread.

We still have a few other updates left to do on the vegetable garden area before we retire it for the season. Once it is all done we hope to share more.

Right now we are happy to enjoy all the bounty the garden has to offer. Once the heat subsides and the smokey air clears out {yes, the fires have started very early this year}, we hope to enjoy some relaxation time in the garden either with a morning coffee or an afternoon cocktail.

Our prayers and thoughts are with all the folks caught in the path of destruction of the fires. My heart is heavy for what the next few months might bring. Mother Nature is strong willed and we want her on our side.

Today the air around us was heavy with smoke and it darken our normally bright skies. We are quite a few hours away from the fires so I can only imagine what it is like where the fires are blazing. God Bless us all.

Gardening is a medicine that does not need a prescription, and has no limit on dosage.

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