as 2020 unraveled

Now here I am in this weird year {weirdest year ever} wanting to get back to this little piece of the internet | world that I call my own.  One of the first things I want to share and start documenting here is the redesign of our front yard.  Mister Masterpiece and I started itContinue reading “as 2020 unraveled”

spring gardening

The sun has been shining bright in Northern California and the rains seem to be done.  Blooms are sprouting all over the yard and we have started to plant for the season. We had a TON of rain this winter and although it was miserable and depressing at times, the benefit is lush and gorgeousContinue reading “spring gardening”

flowers springing around here

I just wanted to share how these flowers have morphed in my house. By using fresh water and new cuts these flowers are staying perky. These bright, cheery yellow flowers are from my {lemon inspired kitchen tablescape} post the other day.  After having the kitchen table set like this for a few days the MasterpieceContinue reading “flowers springing around here”

happy 1st day of spring

Today is the Spring equinox according to the calendar which makes it officially spring time.  Insert happy dance here.  We have had an awful amount of rain in our area this winter and  I am happy to start decorating for Spring. The last few days have been absolutely gorgeous which has me thinking aboutContinue reading “happy 1st day of spring”

orchids 101

Happy Daylights Savings Day!  Although we lose an hour today, we will benefit from longer days and added daylight in our days going forward.  Believe it or not and whether you realize it or not having light raises our spirits and brightens our pet’s days plus helps all our indoor fauna thrive as well. TodayContinue reading “orchids 101”

extraordinary moss decor

I think we can all agree we love to decorate with moss. And although I use it all year long in my home and decor, I especially think about it in the springtime since the focus starts to shift to greenery and new blooms and new life blossoming all around us. While perusing Pinterest forContinue reading “extraordinary moss decor”

too early for spring?

Around this time of year the winter blues set in and I start pining for Spring.  It could be due to the fact that I live in California and the weather is considerably mild during winter, making it feel like Spring is just around the corner.   It is though, right? Anyway, I tend toContinue reading “too early for spring?”

through the seasons ~ green bottle collection

Up next on my {through the seasons} series I thought I’d share my collection of green bottles.  Right now they sit empty in the new year awaiting their first blooms. The collection lives on the kitchen table most of the time although they have been known to travel to other spots in the house. MostContinue reading “through the seasons ~ green bottle collection”

fall container gardening

I was inspired to plant some fall containers when I was cleaning them out after the summer. Our summer was really short here this year so I wanted to extend it a bit. I’m loving all the ornamental cabbage plants. Big or small. In the goat cart…! The moody colors I found for fall wereContinue reading “fall container gardening”