queen bee decor vignette in the vegetable garden

The United Nations designated May 20th as World Bee day. I kicked off the month honoring these great creatures {honoring the iconic bee symbol}. Today I am sharing a queen bee decor vignette in the vegetable garden to keep promoting the bee awareness.

bee decor vignette

The vegetable garden is thriving {prepping and planting the vegetable garden for the season}. I styled it with some queen bee love today to give it all the spring vibes in the seating area. You can see it here {pretty perch in the garden} dressed up with fall feels.

queen bee decor vignette in the vegetable garden

queen bee decor vignette accents

The seating area in the veggie garden is a nice quiet spot to sit and enjoy all the wonders of nature. I love this little corner, and I have a garden tablescape planned out here, which I will share really soon so please make sure to come back and visit.

queen bee decor vignette in the vegetable garden

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Today I themed the vignette around the queen bee motif. I love all the freshness in nature around us right now. I used the bee burlap containers to hold some blooms. You can read more about them here {burlap container gardening} and here {burlap container DIY- bee honeycomb theme}.

queen bee decor vignette in the vegetable garden

I used the peony tulips in one of the containers, which I shared the other day {how to style your home using baskets & blooms}. I found them at Trader Joes’s, and they are so pretty. They remind me of parrot tulips. They have the basic tulip shape, but with a bunch of ruffles.

bee decor

White geraniums and a dainty orchid keep all the floral vibes going. I also included a bee skep in the background plus varied bee motif plates and other bee decor accents. It’s a playful vignette and it makes for a happy spot in the garden.

bee decor vignette

around the vegetable garden

The veggie garden has really sprung into life! The herbs and lettuces are looking amazing.

queen bee decor vignette in the vegetable garden

I will be harvesting lettuces later today, since the arugula is flowering and that’s not ideal. You really want to prune or harvest before the flowers bud. The tomatoes and peppers still require a bit more time, but I cannot wait to start using them in the kitchen again.

vegetable garden

We will be gone most of the week picking up Miss Masterpiece at college, and by the time we get back the garden will have grown so much more. It always seems like when we return from a trip the garden has something new to share.

queen bee decor vignette in the vegetable garden

beyond the vegetable garden

This is looking at the sitting area from beyond the vegetable garden on the other side of the fence.

queen bee decor vignette in the vegetable garden

The fence was a great project tackled by Mr. & Master Masterpiece {how to build a livestock fence}. If you’re a DIYer and want to build a fence yourself this is a great post for you.

livestock fence DIY

The sitting area is such a serene and quiet place; the perfect spot to rest your bones. It’s been rainy and unseasonably cool this spring, but I’m hoping as we creep into summer we can start using this spot on a regular basis.

vegetable garden vibes

Bees teach us, fascinate us, bless us, and their importance to mankind is beyond measure. I hope you found this post inspirational to honor our busy bees!  

queen bee decor

get the queen bee garden decor look

“The bee is more honored than other animals, 
not because she labors, 
but because she labors for others.”

St. John Chrysostom

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  1. What a fun idea for a post, MJ!!! Your veggie garden looks so beautiful…what a pretty place to sit and relax. Yes, save ALL the bees!! Thanks for sharing, friend!

  2. Donna Allen says:

    Your vignette is so lovely MaryJo! I love the bee symbol! Your beautiful flowers are perfect in the containers! So pretty!

    1. Thanks so much Donna! XO- MJ

  3. Cara says:

    I love your sitting area MaryJo. I wish I had something like this in our yard, maybe some day…

    1. Thanks Cara. Yes we need to take advantage of it more often. XO- MJ

  4. MaryJo, I love your bee skep and the fun styling you’ve created in your tablescape to honor natures greatest gift ~ bees!!! They are enjoying buzzing around our garden, too. Happy to feature your post this evening at Share Your Style #389 for you. <3

    Enjoy your beautiful sitting area,
    Barb 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Barb! I truly appreciate the feature. XO- MJ

  5. Kerryanne says:

    MaryJo, the whole vignette is gorgeous, but that bee plate is a stand out. Beautifully done!
    Thank you for sharing your Queen Bee vignette at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I delighted to be featuring it at tonight’s party and pinning too.

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