how to style your home using baskets & blooms

There’s no denying baskets are a great addition to any space, but baskets with pretty blooms just makes me so happy. It immediately injects all those country, cottage, provincial quaint vibes, which are so simple yet add so much charm and interest. Let’s play with baskets and blooms today!

Nothing says spring time more than pretty florals and when paired with sweet baskets it adds so much warmth and freshness to any home. I actually decorate with baskets and blooms all year long, but I find myself seeing pretty florals in baskets all over the place right now.

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hanging wall baskets & blooms

There’s nothing more welcoming than a hanging basket on your front door to greet your guests. It’s like a big smile on your home. This is actually a thrift store find I scored for a couple of dollars.

weather baskets DIY

After an up cycle with paint and a pretty graphic it looks like a million bucks. Well, maybe not a million, but definitely more that 2 bucks. It looks fabulous with fresh blooms all the way to fall when hydrangeas from our garden dry organically.

Below is an Amazon impulse buy, which you can read all about in the original post. I applied pretty much the same techniques as with the thrifted basket, and it smiles at us with some preserved stems in our dining room.

springing not summer with a frame wreath

Here’s another basket hanging in the background with cotton stems in our kitchen.

yellow and gray tablescape

basket vases & blooms

The same basket serves as a great vase, spilling over with tulips. I love tulips, they always seem to dance in arrangements.

Valentine’s Day decor

The same vase transitions into fall with dried eucalyptus.

how to decorate for fall using pears

The vase below was a great find from Target a few years ago. The price point was totally reasonable when you see so many comparable pieces in the market place for so much more.

summer garden updates

The transition from spring and summer blooms to fall flowers is flawless.

early fall decorating ideas

handle baskets & blooms

Nothing says more farmhouse than a country garden basket full of fresh flowers.

I love fresh flowers whether cut or potted, but you can get the same look with pretty faux or dried blooms.

On a side note, do you see these blooms?! These are peony tulips. I found them at Trader Joes’s. I have never seen this variety of flowers before. Have you?

They are absolutely beautiful! They are perfect for my spring decor, you know how I’ve been injecting yellow around here {a new foyer styling with spring decor} and {a sunny, rustic farmhouse tablescape}. I have a project planned using these, which I will share shortly.

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basket totes & blooms

I love sticking a bouquet of flowers in market baskets and wicker totes. It’s such a charming and fresh detail in any home, whether hanging somewhere or propped in a strategic corner

a new dutch door front entry

Faux, dried and preserved flowers are a great alternative for this look so you don’t have to worry about providing water and preventing wilting.

Valentine’s decor vignettes – 3 color ways

metal baskets & blooms

It’s no secret I love container gardening, and I have a few metal hanging baskets which I love to overflow with wonderful annuals and greenery every year.

I love how these metal baskets outside can spill over wildly into our outdoor spaces.

container gardening ideas & inspiration

Transitioning outdoor containers with dried hydrangeas from our garden is a favorite Autumn decor technique I use every year.

Even better, keep the look going into the holiday season with seasonal greenery. I use extra branches from our Christmas tree, but faux greenery would also be a great alternative here.

baskets & simple greenery

Sometimes just fresh greenery in a pretty basket evokes all the charming cottage feels. Fresh herbs from the garden in a basket always make me so happy.

Fresh green plants in a basket is a perfect and simple centerpiece for any kitchen table.

kitchen table & chairs set refresh

Preserved greenery can be used time and time again, which can prove more economical in the long run.

Also, I know many struggle with allergies and the like, so there’s nothing wrong with a basket bursting with faux greenery. You can keep it all year long with minimal maintenance.

Whether you use fresh, dried, preserved or faux blooms, there’s no denying that paired with pretty baskets, they make a great accent for our homes. The freshness and charm is perfect for spring but can really be adapted throughout the year.

get the baskets & blooms look

“A flower’s appeal is in its contradictions — so delicate in form yet strong in fragrance, so small in size yet big in beauty, so short in life yet long on effect.”

Terri Guillemets

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  2. Just lovely, friend!!! I adore how you use baskets in so many ways. You have such variety and it’s so fun to see the many ideas you have for each of them. Fun read!!

    1. Thanks so much Rachel! Yeah, I love plants & flowers in baskets. XO- MJ

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  4. Cara says:

    I have never seen peony tulips before MaryJo! Love them being a peony lover myself. I enjoy tulips, but they never last long enough for me. Thank you for sharing, your baskets look great, as always.

    1. Yes ! I love peonies too. The hybrid with tulips is pretty amazing. XO- MJ

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    Such beautiful ideas! I’ll be featuring your post on tomorrow’s Crafty Creators. Thanks for sharing!

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