5 easy ways to DIY pumpkins

It’s back to school time and to me that always signifies Fall. I am not ready to go full blast into Autumn yet SO we thought we would share some fantastic ways you can create some pumpkin decor to add to your upcoming Fall festivities and decorations.   These have been created through the years,Continue reading “5 easy ways to DIY pumpkins”

halloween vibes

Wishing everyone the best Halloween possible! I only really decorated outside this year for the benefit of all the neighbors’ littles up & down the street.  I do have some detailed touches inside but nothing like years past. It’s partly do to the fact that my kiddos are older; also partly due to the factContinue reading “halloween vibes”

pretty perch in the garden

Happy first day of Fall!  The weather around here actually feels Fallish, but I hear we might reach triple digits again next week.  Oh well- I am enjoying every second of it while it lasts! We added some personality to the sitting area in the veggie garden. We’ve had this vegetable garden for over aContinue reading “pretty perch in the garden”

thanksgiving tablescape thoughts

Thanksgiving is creeping up on us and will be here before we know it.  I’m not trying to stress you out.  Really.  Actually quite the opposite.  I’m sharing some tables and thoughts I have from past thanksgivings which will hopefully help you and | or inspire you for your own Thanksgiving celebration. I’m in theContinue reading “thanksgiving tablescape thoughts”

happy labor day 2016

Well, Labor Day signifies the end of the summer to me.  growing up going to the Jersey shore every summer, Memorial Day kicks off the summer while Labor Day shuts the door firmly on the season. I’m a California girl now and we know the temperatures will remain high for awhile {and I’m not complainingContinue reading “happy labor day 2016”

pedestal plates & pumpkins table

As I mentioned in my previous post, we won’t be traveling to South Carolina to visit my father-in-law over Thanksgiving. I’m sad about it, mostly for the kids who wanted to see grandpa, but we always have a festive Thanksgiving at home as well. SO after not thinking I had to think about thanksgiving, nowContinue reading “pedestal plates & pumpkins table”