kitchen table centerpiece – styled 3 ways for FALL

Do you love to decorate your home for the seasons? Or do you love seasonal decor? Or do you change the decor in your home constantly? If you said yes to any or all of these questions you are going to love today’s post. I am sharing 3 different ways to style a fall centerpiece on the kitchen table.

kitchen fall centerpieces

There are three different fall centerpiece stylings, and although they are all different they all lean towards the rustic and organic side. I love all of them, and I don’t prefer one over the other.

moss pumpkins

Things get moved around here pretty frequently, and I also use them in different ways year after year. Sometime I use the same composition or vignette, but place it in a different area of our home, which instantly makes it look different. Or other times I just mix it up completely and start fresh.

kitchen fall centerpieces

Three Fall Centerpiece Stylings

Mossy Pumpkins and Glass Hurricanes

This its what our kitchen table looks like most of the time. Unless I am bored, want something different and change it up. Or if I am working on a project, which requires a different styling.

fall decor

The cast iron urns usually are crowned with moss balls most of the year. But these urns are use to a dress change {through the seasons – cast iron trio}. I simply replaced the moss ball with moss pumpkins. You can read all about how I made these pumpkins in the post {dollar tree pumpkin upcycle | make-overs}.

moss pumpkins and cast iron urns

Along with the urns and pumpkins, I also have some crystal hurricanes, which we burn during most dinners. Little rituals, which elevate an every day experience are wonderful ways to bring joie d’vivre into your world. I have owned these hurricanes over 20 years. I bought them when we still lived in our first apartment as newlyweds. Then in our first home they sat on the ledge of the sidelights of our front door. I loved the cast of light they shown onto our porch.

fall centerpiece

A farmhouse table runner grounds the fall centerpiece display. I got the runner years ago at Target. It doesn’t have a tag on it any longer, but it was either the Threshold brand or Smith&Hawken.

Gourds & Boo Pumpkins Dough Bowl

This dough bowl truly has all the rustic feels I love. A bed of seeded eucalyptus is topped off with dried gourds and boo pumpkins. That’s it. It’s super simple to put together, but yet it does not necessarily look “simple”. It’s casual and relaxed yet I find it super interesting.

autumn decor

I found the dried gourds on Etsy of all places. This is who I bought them from {gourdlady48}. If I remember correctly they were priced reasonably and shipped super fast.

kitchen fall centerpieces

The eucalyptus not only smells divine, but also provides a tiny pop of color. Also the seeded stems give great texture to the entire bowl composition.

fall doughbowl

I placed the doughbowl on a fringed burlap runner placed haphazardly on the table. I just love how it echoes the rustic vibes from the gourds. The rustic feel and the color palette of the burlap bring it all together.

Rustic Pumpkins Wooden Tray

Last but certainly not least, is an oversized wooden tray loaded with an assortment of pumpkins. There are wooden pumpkins, there are mini twig pumpkins and there’s even a birch bark pumpkin. This last one I am pretty sure was a Smith&Hawken item from Target a few years ago.

kitchen fall centerpieces

The medium sized wooden pumpkins were from Pier1 when they still had brick & mortar stores. How I miss them! The larger wooden pumpkins are actually faux and made out of resin, which we carried at Whim House last year. And the small twig pumpkins were from Hobby Lobby.

rustic fall centerpiece

I purchased the mini twig pumpkins for a couple of projects last year. I first used them for an early fall mantel styling {rustic autumn mantel} and then, later in the season, they graced our Thanksgiving table {rustic Thanksgiving tablescape}.

kitchen fall centerpieces

The tray is placed on a vintage grain sack. I also included a seasonal pumpkin spice candle and a dried bouquet tied with a velvet ribbon. The tray itself is pretty monochromatic, so I like the pop of color the green sack stripe and the rust ribbon bring to the arrangement.

Fall Centerpiece Details

I hope these fall centerpieces brought you some inspiration or ideas or insights into your own fall decor style. Although all the stylings are different there is a common feel or vibe shared by all of them.

This is our signature style. When I go into a friend’s home, and I love the way they decorate, it’s because all the spaces have their signature on them. It’s their “style” if you will. Do you have a style? Also keep in mind, styles evolve and change and grow just like everything else in life. Clear as mud, huh? Lol. Anyway it’s food for thought.

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