rustic autumn mantel

Rustic autumn mantel

I have started decorating around the house for the Fall season and the mantel is always a fun project.  The super talented Courtney @French Country Cottage just shared some Autumn mantels and she totally inspired me.  Here’s my attempt to channel some Courtney even though I can’t come even remotely close to her subtle perfection.

Rustic autumn mantel 1

I have not seen real pumpkins around here yet so I will start the season with grapevine pumpkins, big and small, which paired well with some dried hydrangeas, making for that muted color pallet that I love.  I know some find this boring, but I tend to lean towards the monochromatic.  I find it peaceful.

Rustic autumn mantel 2

To continue with the peaceful feeling I kept the different types of elements to a minimum.  Besides the twig pumpkins and hydrangeas I added some pine cones and lanterns.  That’s it.Rustic autumn mantel 3
It’s rustic and natural and organic and easy.  I am enjoying the relaxed Fall feels.Rustic autumn mantel 4
It will stay like this for awhile.  After about a month or so I’ll probably change it up for some Halloween happiness.

Rustic autumn mantel 5

I still have not been able to age the mirror the way I would like.  You can read all about this mirror here{mirror, mirror on the wall}.  The Rub ‘n Buff is not the right product for the job.  It’s my fault since I had never used this before, but I think I’ll have plenty of other uses for it.  I am still trying to figure out alternate ways to antique the mirror frame.  Stay tuned.

Rustic autumn mantel 6

As far as my Fall decorating goes, I have other projects that I will share real soon.Rustic autumn mantel 7
For now I am enjoying the mantel decor, which is putting me in a Fall-ish mood.  I had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season yesterday and football games are on TV so Fall is creeping in.

Rustic autumn mantel 8

We are a little over a week away from the Autumnal Equinox or First day of Fall so it really gets serious then.  LOL.

Rustic autumn mantel 9

The air quality has been horrendous due to the fires so I have pretty much stayed inside but at least the temperatures have dropped which feels nicer.

Rustic autumn mantel 10

The fire haze though has caused a really eerie and weird climate around here.  I shared a bit about this on insta @masterpiecesofmylife.   We had a pink sun, we had an “amber” day with a yellow cast all around, we had a day that looked like night.

Rustic autumn mantel 11

Seriously, if zombies started walking around I don’t think I would be surprised at this point at all!  Weirdest.year.ever.

Rustic autumn mantel 12

My thoughts are continually drawn to all the poor folks directly impacted. My heart breaks as I send prayers.  Not only is California ablaze but so is Oregon and Washington.  I am more and more concerned to take Master M, Sebastian, to University of Oregon shortly.  It’s hard enough when your first born leaves the nest, let alone in these extenuating circumstances.

Rustic autumn mantel 13

There’s lots to ponder about.  There’s lots to pray about.  There’s lots to be thankful about.  There’s lots to talk about.
Rustic autumn mantel 14
Please stay safe and sound everyone.  And that’s one of the many reasons I focus on my home and homemaking because it makes me happy and keeps me balanced.
“You do not find the happy life.  You Make It.” ~ Camilla Eyring Kimball

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