eye-catching ways to add moss to your tabletop

I have said it before & I will surely say it again, I love all things moss. For Easter and around spring time I incorporate moss into my table settings and I wanted to share some of the different things you can do. This was our easter table this year. Remember I shared some easterContinue reading “eye-catching ways to add moss to your tabletop”

christmas crafting

I just wanted to share a quick Christmas craft. Once you assemble all your supplies it doesn’t take that long to make. These cute salt & pepper snow globe shakers can be ornaments, table top decor, vignette accents or anything you want them to be. I attached tiny bottle brushes I found at Joann’s toContinue reading “christmas crafting”

witchcraft 2015

I created a witchcraft vignette on my sideboard in the living room with the potion bottles & spell books I made {I give a DIY tutorials on both in case you want to save or pin it for next year}. I’m ready for Halloween. The kids wore their costumes to school yesterday, which really made me happyContinue reading “witchcraft 2015”

spell books – diy

So along with the potion bottles I made spell books to complete the story.  I’ve pinned a bunch of ideas & read a bunch of tutorials on the subject…and here I’m sharing the techniques I used. I had these books in my stash from thrifting | garage sales | flea markets | etc. I used themContinue reading “spell books – diy”

halloween potions, poisons, powders and more – diy

DIY ghastly apothecary jars & alchemist bottles. I made these grungy Halloween containers for any potion or elixer a witch or wizard might need to cast a curse or spell. I made them from everyday household glass bottles, including sparkling water, jam, vinegar, even a candle, you get the idea.  There’s only one bottle IContinue reading “halloween potions, poisons, powders and more – diy”