halloween potions, poisons, powders & more DIY

It’s super easy to create your own ghastly apothecary jars and alchemist bottles. Check out this halloween potions, poisons, powders & more DIY. We hope it inspires you to create some of your own for some spooky fun in your home.

halloween potions poisons powders DIY

I made these grungy Halloween containers for any potion or elixer a witch or wizard might need to cast a curse or spell. These halloween potion bottles are the perfect compliment to the halloween spell books I recently shared, created simply from recycled containers.

halloween elixers craft

how to DIY halloween potion bottles

These potion and poison bottles are made from everyday household glass bottles, including sparkling water, jam, vinegar, even a candle, etc. You get the idea.  There’s only one bottle I actually purchased. I bought it last year at a craft store for a different project, which never happened, so I had it kicking around.

halloween bottles dy

Start by clean all the bottles and removing any labels.  I ran most of the containers through the dishwasher.  Don’t worry too much if you can’t get all the adhesive off, since it simply adds another layer of grime.

Spray paint all the caps & tops black (many were already black, which was a bonus!).  Then sand all the containers to age the glass.  This is a great way to make a new jar look vintage quickly.

halloween crafting

Choose acrylic paint of colors of your choice to paint the bottles. I mixed some dark gray & sunflower acrylic paints.  Paint the bottles haphazardly and then wipe with a wet paper towel to reach desired effect.

bottle craft

While the containers dry, select and print your labels.  I used free printables just on plain copy paper.  I chose a variety of sources so the bottles would not look like a “set”, but rather a hodgepodge acquired and collected over many years of witchcraft.  You can find some of the labels here, here and here.

Once the paint dries, decoupage the labels onto the bottles.  Once everything sets, ink the bottles & containers around the labels with a dark brown ink pad, giving everything an aged looked.

halloween potions DIY

You can fill some of the bottles and jars with the appropriate fillers although my paint was pretty opaque so it really was not necessary.

halloween decor

Lastly, embellish the containers using Spanish moss, twine, Halloween webbing, burlap or anything you have handy. I have most of these things kicking around in my craft stash, which is why I used them..


personalize the halloween potion bottle collection to fit your decor style

Although there are a lot of steps, it’s easier than it looks. I chose to do this over a few days, breaking up the steps so it would not overwhelm me,

halloween decorating

The best part is that it didn’t cost anything, but just time, since everything I used I had on hand.

halloween potion DY

You can personalize this to your own look | style by the paint colors you select or the labels you use or the embellishments you add.

I made these potions bottles a few years ago along with the spell books. I have a fun witchy apothecary vignette planned for when I bring out all the Halloween decor down from the attic. Stay tuned.

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  1. jenclair says:

    Another lovely project!
    I’m almost finished “making” for Halloween. Actually, I never stop–I’m likely to make Halloween figures at any time of year, but I do slow down.
    My crafty blog is full of Halloween stuff, and on my reading blog, I’m always looking for spooky books. I no longer actively participate in Carl’s RIP reading challenge, but I do love witchy, ghosty books.

  2. Cheryl says:

    These are awesome, I love them! You did a great job!!

  3. you have been busy. i checked out all your halloween crafts. i love them! you’re so creative. i have a couple more i’m gonna try to pull out before halloween. wish me luck! xo- mj

  4. thanks cheryl. so nice to hear. i’ve been wanting to do this for a couple of years now & just could never get it going. i think i was worried they wouldn’t come out as i envisioned. well, i don’t think i could be happier than how they turned out. maybe it’s a good thing i procrastinated. lol. thanks for dropping by. xo- mj

  5. Jenna says:

    Love these…they look so vintage!

  6. Geneva says:

    These are awesome! You have a great eye for detail and the patience to pull off a great look. Love them all!

  7. thanks jenna! that’s a true compliment for this vintage gal. xo- mj

  8. thanks geneva. these were actually easier to make than i expected. xo- mj

  9. Betsy says:

    Love these! Great idea to use a variety of labels so that they look collected over time. Thanks for sharing your bottles at VIParty.

  10. Wonderful job! They look so authentic!

  11. thanks for stopping by betsy & leaving a comment. have a great weekend! xo- mj

  12. thanks so much for your sweet comment! made my day. have a great weekend. xo- mj

  13. Jann Olson says:

    Mary Jo, these are fabulous! True works of art!! Thanks for sharing them with SYC.

  14. Mistie says:

    Your bottles look amazing! I really love the huge transformation from the everyday items to the end product. So creative! Thanks for sharing with us at the 2016 Halloween Blog Hop.

  15. thanks mistie! they were a lot of fun to create & i always love breathing new life into trash! thnx for stopping by. xo- mj

  16. vicki rheaume says:

    Great post, thank you for sharing the process of aging the bottles love this idea.

  17. mhhwarmcozy says:

    MaryJo, I was needing inspiration for a fun Halloween tablescape. The bottle paint technique is just the kind of thing I need to do. Thanks!

  18. decorativeinspirationsgmailcom says:

    oh these potion bottles are so neat for Halloween. You made them look so spooky.

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, they’re fun to pull out every year and play.
      🙂🎃💛 XO- MJ

  19. CoCo says:

    I am afraid to send these to my Halloween obsessed nephews for fear they might ask why the ones I made aren’t as cool as these are 😂 These are totally fantastic. I would have never in a million years thought to give them an aged appearance on the inside. That is genius! Loving and pinning, CoCo

  20. NikiLEOwife says:

    These are so cute! Thanks for sharing on Crafty Creators!

  21. Cara says:

    I love these Halloween bottles MaryJo! Thank you for supplying the print outs, I am planning to give this a try. I will be featuring this as my last Whimsy Home Wednesday post, thank you for linking up! You always have such amazing ideas!

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