setting the mood for a Valentine’s day table scape

A Valentine’s day celebration does not necessarily have to involve a romantic setting. It can be shared with any loved ones, including a sweetheart, or family, or friend or anyone you fancy. You can set the mood accordingly with your Valentine’s day table scape design.

Valentine's day table

As one of our favorite movies, Love Actually, proclaims, “love is all around us”. Love comes in all shapes and colors and sizes, for all different reasons. Here’s a variety of table styles to set the mood for various Valentine’s day tables.

love actually

We are of the camp of staying in and enjoying a romantic or fun dinner at home. We don’t enjoy the over crowded restaurants and the prefixed menus with hiked up prices just for the holiday. So…. we indulge at home.

sweetheart valentine’s day table designs

Valentine’s Day always evokes images of loving couples with big bubble hearts over their heads. Flowers, candies, hearts are things that always come to mind.

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Formal setting

Sometimes I like to pull out the big guns and make it all fancy and pretty.

fireside romantic Valentine's day table
fireside romantic table for two

Setting the table with silver, and crystal, and beautiful flowers elevates the experience.

romantic Valentine's day table at home
fireside romantic table for two

Also sitting by a roaring fire and having flickering candles sets the mood for a romantic and intimate setting.

fancy Valentine's day table
fireside romantic table for two

Casual setting

Sometimes it can be even more intimate and romantic when you. create a cozy atmosphere.

boho valentine's day table
romantic BOHO table setting. by firelight

The cozy space is relaxing and enjoyable, but remains romantic.

romantic boho fireside tablescape
romantic BOHO table setting by fiielight

Some things remain constant like the fresh roses, a roaring fire, twinkling candles & lanterns and bubbly, although the vibe is very different.

romantic valentine's day
romantic BOHO table setting by firelight

Outdoor setting

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area where you can set the table outside, by all means do so.

dinner for 2 al fresco

I love dining al fresco. It immediately gives me resort and vacay vibes.

dinner for 2 al fresco

Some years we could pull this off in Northern California, but this winter is wet, windy and gloomy. I am glad since we drastically need the rain. I am perfectly fine setting the table inside this year.

dinner for 2 al fresco

friend valentine’s day table designs

Many times we enjoy the Valentine’s day holiday with friends as well. It can be other couples or girlfriends or anyone really you want to spend time and celebrate the day of love.

Couples design

romantic tablescape for four

A little bit of fancy and a little bit of rustic to share with friends.

romantic tablescape for sour

Valentine’s day lands on a Tuesday this year, so chances are we will be celebrating solo, but you never know. Friends are always welcome.

romantic tablescape for four

Galentine’s design

Sometimes celebrating with just the girls is good for the soul.

a galentine’s mini floral tablescape

Friendships should be nurtured and celebrated.

a galentine’s mini floral tablescape

It’s fun to set a girly table that will be fully appreciated by all the guests.

a galentine’s mini floral tablescape

family valentine’s day table designs

It’s also a good time to set a fun Valentine’s day table for your tribe at home. Truth be told, these are the souls you love the most. Show them with a pretty table.

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Mature design

My kiddos helped with this table so they could devour the chocolates when I was done setting it. Lol

valentine's day table
valentine’s day tablescape

I loved making the vintage sheet music runner down the center of the table.

valentine's day tablescape
valentine’s day tablescape

You can always find old sheet music at thrift stores, and it’s a super easy project..

valentine's day decor
valentine’s day tablescape

Whimsical design

This table design was a favorite around here when my kids were littles.

valentine's day table styling

These wooden slabs from any craft store were easily converted with some chalkboard paint.

whimsical valentine's table

Chalkboard art is always fun.

valentine's day decorations

a valentine’s day table

All these tables I shared today are from previous years. I have new table stylings coming your way soon.

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Valentine's day table

“If you look for it, I’ve got a funny feeling you’ll find that love, actually, is all around.”

Love Actually

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  1. MaryJo,
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    Stay safe!

    1. Thanks so much Deb. We have been lucky with the rain where I live but I do hear it affected other folks badly. We need the rain just not so much & hard at once. Thanks for stopping by. XO- MJ

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    1. Thank you so much Cheryl for your visit and kind words! I truly appreciate it. Happy 2023. XO- MJ

  3. sonatahomedesign says:

    So many fantastic ideas for Valentine’s Day entertaining! I especially love the wood slab placemats. This is such a clever idea! Thanks for a great post, MaryJo!

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