romantic BOHO table setting by firelight

A laid back table by the fireplace for a romantic celebration with a boho vibe, speaks to me right now. It’s a perfect dinner setting for Valentine’s or an anniversary or any romantic merriment. Here are some details to set a romantic boho table setting by firelight for all the romantic feels.

It’s the polar opposite to the uber formal fireside table I set last year, which was also very festive. You can see the details of last year’s table here {fireside romantic table for two}. Some things remain constant though- a roaring fire, white roses and bubbly.

All the flickering lights from the candles, lanterns and the fireplace create a wonderful ambience. It’s wonderfully cozy and romantic.

The mantel is lined with a collection of silver candlesticks with assorted pink tapers. The pink color gives a nod to the Valentine’s holiday and the moss heart garland draped on the mirror reinforces the “love” theme.

The mantel decor is simple and evokes a simple romantic whisper. The collection of silver candlesticks is varied and tarnished which is perfect for the boho vibe. You can read all about my silver plate collection here {metals I – silverplate}. The mossy heart garland is also an organic feel which jives with the bohemian vibe. I made the garland last year and you will find all the details here {happy Valentine’s Day}.

Details to setting a romantic boho table setting fireside:

A comfortable throw and plush pillows help set a relaxed and laissez-faire setting.

Casual dinnerware and wood pieces add to the unrefined feeling a bohemian table reflects.

A casual charcuterie board and some rustic bread are appropriate food options for a relaxed menu.

A vintage French champagne bucket is a rustic touch, but adds a hint of refinement, which I always find a way to sneak into table settings.

An old galvanized tub full of fresh blooms is always a good thing. I am partial to cream roses with just the slightest bit of blush which is what we had at our wedding. You can read all about here {faded blooms then & now} if you wish. I couldn’t find cream roses so white is always my 2nd go to.

The secret behind this boho table setting

I set this boho tablescape the other night in honor of my son’s 20th birthday. He’s at University so we celebrated this milestone remotely.

I had an entire menu planned to observe his transition from teen-hood into adulthood. Unfortunately my purse was stolen while I was running errands to buy the supplies for dinner…and it took the wind out of my sails.

The charcuterie appetizer board was the only aspect of the dinner I was able to pull off. Life goes on and Sebastian had a good birthday and that is all that matters.

I hope you enjoyed this romantic boho table setting by our fireplace. I tend to lean towards traditional and classic refinement but the boho vibe has been calling my name lately.

“Be the energy you want to attract.”



  1. Carol Benton says:

    This scene looks so inviting with the warmth of the fire and the warm glow from the candles. I like the casual, picnic style for the boho table setting.

    1. Yes Carol! It was great fun to kick back pic nic style in the middle of the living room. All the candle light & firelight created a wonderful ambience. Thanks for stopping by. XO- MaryJo

  2. I love this, so warm and inviting!!! Perfect for a cold winter night.

    1. Yes! Cozy & homey is what we like for valentines. No need to go out. 🙂 XO- MJ

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous and so romantic. I love the fireplace mantle and the table. Great job. Pinned & tweeted if buttons are available. Thank you for sharing at #OMHGWW. See you next week.

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