vintage sheet music coasters DIY

Do you love the look of old sheet music in your decor? So do I. Check out how to make these easy and inexpensive sheet music coasters for your home. Although not a difficult craft, they will look amazing and will add immediate interest to your space.

vintage sheet music coasters DIY

You know the saying “It’s all in the details.”? Well, this is the perfect example. It’s a small detail in your home, which will make a huge impact and make you so happy.

vintage sheet music coasters DIY

how to make vintage sheet music coasters

This project takes only a few supplies and it takes very little time. Plus there’s no expensive materials required. So if you love the look of sheet music, then you have nothing to lose by making these.

vintage sheet music coasters DIY

The coasters will not only look fantastic in your home, they are also a great gift for a vintage loving friend. These would be the perfect compliment to a bottle of wine as a hostess gift. I’m actually working on a hostess gifts post to give you some ideas.

sheet music coasters

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  • Tiles
  • Vintage sheet music
  • Decoupage medium
  • Foam brush
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Ruler
  • Decorative scissors (optional)
  • Brown stamp pad (optional)
vintage sheet music coasters DIY


  • Make sure the top surface of your tiles is clean.
  • Measure tile and cut pieces of sheet music to fit inside the dimensions of tile.
  • Use decorative scissors to create an interesting edge on cut sheet music pieces (optional).
  • Once cut, ink the edges of sheet music using the ink pad (optional).
  • Using foam brush apply a thin layer of decoupage medium on top surface of tiles.
  • Lay cut piece of sheet music onto decoupage medium on tile.
  • Make sure sheet music is completely flat and does not contain any air bubbles.
  • After sheet music is adhered to tile apply a coat of decoupage medium on top of paper.
  • Once dry apply another coat of decoupage medium to top of coaster to form a seal. Repeat this step to finish with 3 coats.
vintage sheet music coasters DIY

tips for sheet music coasters DIY

I opted to use decorative edges and inked the sheet music square edges to give more of a vintage, old look to my coasters. These are purely optional steps, based on aesthetic choices. I like rustic and nostalgic vibes, but if you’re more of a clean lines person just skip these steps.

vintage sheet music coasters DIY

Sheet music can be found at thrift stores for dollars or cents, depending on the size of the book and condition. I don’t think I have ever spent over $2 on sheet music. You can read more of my thrift store escapades here {vintage thrifting tips and tricks}.

sheet music crafts

If you’re not a thrift store shopper, you can also find sheet music printables on line. I know Etsy is a good resource for this and there’s also free images on line, which you can then print yourself.

vintage sheet music coasters DIY

When adhering the sheet music to the tiles simply use your fingers to flatten if necessary. The project is pretty forgiving, and you don’t need a fancy tool.

vintage sheet music coasters DIY

I used porous ceramic tiles from a home improvement store, but I just saw tile coasters at the Dollar Tree, which you could up-cycle.

uses for your new sheet music coasters

Well, there’s the obvious. These will be great coasters for your beverage of choice, for either glasses or bottles or both.

DIY coasters

They also make great candle bases for either real or faux candles. The coaster will ground the candle where you style it. If burning a real candle though, make sure it’s in its own container or it’s dripless. You don’t want to get wax on your sheet music, since it will be difficult to remove.

These coasters also make great plant stands for smaller pots. Or you can use a larger tile if you want to create one for this particular purpose. I think I just gave myself another idea for a DIY. 😉

sheet music decor

These coasters are not only practical, but are also a simple accent decor while not in use. The sheet music peeking out on your coffee or side table will be the perfect detail in any room.

sheet music decor

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“Music can change the world.”

Ludwig Van Beethoven

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  3. I love this idea! These would also make great gifts. For example, a house warming gift. You could also use old wallpaper! Thank you for the tutorial and step by step instructions.

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