A basic organizational system for your home

Today I am revisiting our home organizational plan, which keeps our home humming and minimizes our stress level. The key to this basic organizational system for your home is developing a Control Journal with all the details.

organizing my life with daily routines

Awhile back I shared with you my organizational system in this post {ways to organize your life better}.  It was a broad stroke interpretation of the system that works for me and I believe anybody can adjust it to fit their lifestyle. ways to organize your life better My one little word for 2019 isContinue reading “organizing my life with daily routines”

ways to organize your life better

hello there!  a few weeks ago I mentioned my home|life organization system and I want to delve into it with more detail. Over a decade ago I read the Flylady book and immediately I created my plan and created my own control journal.  Although the flylady was my inspiration, I have very much adjusted it toContinue reading “ways to organize your life better”

getting organized, giving inspiration

Today I am sharing how I am getting organized in our home and getting inspired for our life.  A few weeks ago I shared how I needed to renew, refuel & revitalize myself.