the trimmed Christmas tree

I am glad to say that our Christmas tree for 2020 has been fully trimmed.  I shared here{baubles in a crate} that our tree decorating process had stalled.  It actually had come to a screeching halt.   Mr. M had set it up in it’s place and strung up all the lights.  Yours truly hadContinue reading “the trimmed Christmas tree”

thanksgiving tablescape with mixed metals

My Thanksgiving tablescape is ready to go for the main event and I realized the table consisted of mixed metals which normally can be a difficult task for me to do. A little bit of gold details and some silver basics plus copper, which is perfect for this time of year. Whether it’s jewelry orContinue reading “thanksgiving tablescape with mixed metals”

copper trend

So copper has been trending for awhile now, although it’s a traditional metal with a long history. But now it’s in the forefront. It started in the jewelry department as rose gold a few years ago & it has crept into home decor over the last couple of years. It’s trending hard now and IContinue reading “copper trend”