how to decorate a spring foyer

Your foyer or entryway in your home is the first impression to the outside world. Here are a few tips and ideas on how to decorate a foyer so it’s welcoming and pleasing to your guests.

how to decorate a foyer

When folks walk through your front door into your home they are immediately in “your” space. We want to offer a stylish and comfortable area, transitioning further into our own personal spaces.

how to decorate a foyer

The foyer is the most public room in your home compared to the rest of the rooms so you want a touch of individuality, but at the same time you do not want to make it too personal.

items to use in your foyer

⚜️plants & flowers ~ provide positive energy and freshness

⚜️focal point ~ adds interest and grounds space

⚜️organizational components ~ provide flow and transition

⚜️candles ~ provide extra light and ambience

⚜️personal details ~ add individuality and personality

⚜️seasonal touches ~ add a layer of freshness and style

how to decorate a foyer

This is not a comprehensive list of items by any means, but it provides a good structure and sets some guidelines. Lifestyles and personal habits will ultimately dictate how you decorate and design your own entryway.

flora in the foyer

Plants and flowers in the foyer provide vitality and positive energy flowing through the entry way. I use seasonal flowers and plants on the bombe chest. These particular flowers were a welcome home gift from Miss M since I was gone last weekend with Mr. M visiting Master M at U of O for parents’ weekend. I love the thoughtfulness of my baby girl and it was such a sweet surprise.

On the opposite wall stands a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. The Fiddle Leaf Fig is a fairly new addition, which you can read more about here {a guide to winter decorating}. It’s the perfect profile to create an organic barrier towards the hallway that leads to all the bedrooms or what I consider the “private” part of our home.

focal point in the foyer

A primary piece of artwork or structure can draw interest and set the tone for your home. I tend to use the Santos bust in vignettes as my focal point in the foyer.

The Santos was a gift from some girlfriends years ago and she’s one of my favorite pieces {Santos love}. Religious objects can add a sense of peace and calmness to one’s home, and they add a layer of serenity.

organizational components in the foyer

Entryways are not only pretty, but should be practical as well. Depending on how you use the space, it might contain a shoe cubby or a key bowl or a mail basket.

Practical structures will optimizes the area since entryways might sometimes be tight on space. My grandmother’s bifold hall tree provides a hanging area for coats, bags, umbrellas and the such, while the bench assists for last minute shoelace tying, etc.

Some homes might not necessarily have a foyer or entrance hall per se, but you can create an area designated as the “entryway”. A rug can create a landing pad while a well placed console table or bench can create the entry flow.

candles in the foyer

Candles are immediate mood setters in rooms and in the foyer it’s no different. Plus I like to use a scented candle in the foyer, so it greets our guests as soon as they walk through the door with an enjoyable scent. This adds a feeling of comfort and serenity.

I also have battery operated candles in the lanterns. These candles are on a timer, so they are low maintenance yet they provide extra light in the area.

personal details in the foyer

Since the foyer is the most public area in your home you do not want to have too many intimate details of your family, but some personal touches can certainly make it yours and unique. Leave the family photo displays for somewhere deeper in your home.

You want the first space which greets your guests to have some individuality, but not provide too much information. I created our monogram gallery wall in this area. I accumulated so many Ms through the years as MaryJo and Matt Materazo. Even our first pup was named Mocha.

Fun fact: My original {monogram gallery wall} post back in 2015 was my first feature at a link party. Andrea & Joe from the Cottage Market gave me that distinctive honor.

seasonal touches in the foyer

This is a favorite part of the foyer design for me. I like to create seasonal vignettes around the time of year and holidays. Right now I have a little bird and a bird’s nest as a nod to the spring season.

The seasonal touches is what keeps the space fresh and not tired for frequent visitors. These seasonal changes provides personality and compliments the time of year and season.

how to decorate a foyer using Feng Shui

Mirrors are found it many entryways. For practicality, folks can get a last glance as they head out the door or guests can glimpse at themselves as they fully enter your home. Mirrors also reflect positivity and make a space seem larger than it is.

Mirrors are a great design option in any room of the house, but in the entryway the mirror should not be directly in front of the doorway, reflecting right back out the door. Instead a mirror should be hung or placed perpendicular to the front door, maintaining the “qi” or wealth inside your home rather than letting it reflect back and escape.

Your entryway should also include the five Feng Shui elements. While you may have some of these elements already included in your home’s entryway, it’s important to incorporate all five elements so they can work together to create balance and harmony. This is how I represent the elements in my home.

5 elements of Feng Shui

⚜️Water ~ I usually have fresh cut flowers so I include water in the vase plus we have our water fountain right outside the dutch door that has running water. Here are more details about the fountain and the ambience it creates {why you should have a water feature in outdoor spaces}. If you cannot incorporate water into your entry space you can also use touches of blue or curvy elements to fill the need.

⚜️Fire ~ I am a big candle burning gal so I always have some sort of candle on the bombe chest in the foyer. The color red can also be used here. Use a gentle hand with this element since you can easily throw off the balance with too much fire.

⚜️Earth ~ I have my planted Fiddle Fig Leaf plant in dirt but by the same token browns and creams can represent earth. I have our brown area rug and some brown accent pieces as well.

⚜️Metal ~ Simply the hardware on your front door will fulfill this need, but I also have some metal monograms on my wall plus the metal decor accents on the bombe chest.

⚜️Wood ~ Flooring options and furniture pieces fit this need. Plus if you have plants for Feng Shui purposes and positivity it can play double duty here.

how to decorate a foyer

Ultimately, you want to create a warm reception that is peaceful and practical in your entryway. The entry space should create a welcoming flow to navigate easily into your abode which is welcoming and appealing. Don’t forget to add a splash of personality to claim the space as your own.

With the recent addition of our new front door {a new Dutch door entry} it has really amped up the vibe of our foyer. The connection to the outdoors and the sound of the fountain floating into the house is serene and enchanting. I will be sharing our new spring front porch styling next week so make sure to stop by and check it out.

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“In its purest form, good feng shui signifies perfect alignment between inner and outer worlds.”

Lada Ray

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  2. Thanks for sharing some great tips. I just love your front door! #HomeMattersParty

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