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Our front porches are the first impressions to the world of our home. It’s all about curb appeal. Front porch styling is key to how guests feel about our homes before they even step inside.

Check out all these great ideas on this summer porch blog hop, making our homes charming and welcoming to friends and family. You can see the full list of bloggers at the end of this post.

Not too long ago we installed a new front Dutch door to our home {a new dutch door front entry}, which spring-boarded a whole new front porch styling. Although many of these porch styling tips can be applied year round, there are some summer specific details.

a new Dutch door front entry

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Items for a front porch styling

  • door decor {wreath, hanger, etc.}
  • welcome mat
  • rug
  • planters and containers
  • lanterns
  • signs {welcome; seasonal; personal, etc.}
  • decorative outdoor accents
  • sitting area
front porch styling

The front porch vibes and design sets the mood in anticipation to what lies inside. Porches should be welcoming and stylish, as extensions to our homes.

front porch styling

front door decor

It’s always nice to jazz up front doors with what I call front door “jewelry”. I use a square preserved boxwood wreath for our new Dutch door, which I found here. I like the simplicity and clean lines of the wreath, providing all the provincial vibes I love.

You can use a wreath or a door hanger or a knocker to personalize your own front door.

door mat styling

We’ve had the coir mat insert in the rubber base since we moved here 15 years ago. I believe we originally purchased it from Bed Bath & Beyond. The original coir insert had a flourish scroll design which almost totally faded away. You can see how faded it was in the Christmas shot below from a couple of years ago with the old front door.

I replaced the coir insert in preparation for the new front door with the new monogram mat, which I was lucky to find on Amazon with the correct dimensions to fit inside the rubber base we already owned. The monogram is the perfect welcome to lead into the foyer with our monogram gallery wall, which you can read about here {how to decorate a spring foyer}.

I layered the mat with this oversized jute windowpane doormat fromTerrain. The layered mat look has been trending for awhile and I love the extra texture and coziness it provides. Lanterns with candlelight also provide an ambience of coziness, which is very inviting.

outdoor lanterns

Our lanterns are part of the Parkhill collection. Battery operated pillar candles on a timer make these low maintenance, which come on every evening and go off 5 hours later.

The laurel candelabra is a vintage find I bought at the Rust & Roses Vintage Market a few years ago and the burnt taper candles are also on a timer. I have a great tip on how I embellished these burnt tapers that I will be sharing next week. Please make sure to stop by and check it out.

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planters & containers

Pretty flowers and plants add personality to your front porch. There are many details that determine the mood you set by the type of containers or flowers or plants. You can choose a perennial plant that will last all year long if you want a long term solution.

I prefer seasonal flowers for our front porch so I can change out the looks. For our summer porch I currently chose these cosmos. The wildflower look once again has that cottage vibe that I enjoy. A pair of verdi gris cast iron urns compliment the wild cosmos nicely. I also love the moss covered trellises I found at a local garden center.

sitting area

Our front porch in essence is a very small landing pad and we don’t have a large sitting area with rocking chairs, or with a porch swing, or a comfy outdoor settee. We did install a sitting area right off the front porch when we redesigned our front yard {front yard sitting area}. I will dedicate a whole post to the updates to the sitting area really soon. There are too many details to share right here right now.

The Snow in Summer is in it’s full glory and I love how it fills in around the walkway. Mr. M installed the walkway when we remodeled the front yard, which you can read about here {as 2020 unraveled}.

It gives me all the cottage vibes. More summer and gardening posts coming your way real soon. Don’t forget to check out all the other summer porch inspiration links at the bottom of the post.

get the summer porch look

“I don’t divide architecture, landscape and gardening; to me they are one.”

Luis Barragan

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  1. Donna Allen says:

    Your front door is amazing! That simple square wreath is perfect! Love the lanterns and the candelabra, actually I love everything about it! Blessings, Donna

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet compliments Donna! It was so nice to hop with you! Happy Mother’s Day. XO- MJ

  2. MaryJo, I love your front porch. Your square wreath is awesome. The white flowers lining your sidewalk are gorgeous. You are so lucky to have a front porch, but I love the style of your front door, too. Happy to be hopping with you.

    1. Thanks so much for the compliment and the visit Carol. Fun to hop with you too. XO- MJ

  3. From Farmhouse To Florida says:

    I love your dutch door! It is so cute! And the laurel candelabra is just so cool! love it!! Your entire front entry way is just so lovely! It was great hopping with you !

    1. Thank you so much Kimberly! It was a fun hop! XO- MJ

  4. Isn’t funny how 1 new item can set a tidal wave of change?? I’ve always wanted a Dutch door! Your porch & walk way look so inviting. I’ve never heard of Snow in Summer- I’m in love with the fullness! Thanks for sharing your lanterns & sconces & all your tips 💗

    1. Thanks Maria! It all started with the front yard landscaping, then the sitting area, painting the house, building a fence, new front door… and it goes on and on. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day. XO- MJ

  5. Maria says:

    Mary Jo, your home is so charming! I love your wood door and the fact that it’s a Dutch door is even better. Glad to do this blog hop with you!

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet compliments Maria. And TY TY for organizing, it was so much fun getting to know everyone a little bit better. Have a great Mother’s day. XO- MJ

  6. Traci says:

    MaryJo – I absolutely love the dutch door that you’ve got! And your beautiful path leading up to the door as well! It’s all so welcoming and pretty!
    I am trying to figure out what to use on our front porch because the deer have devoured everything live that I’ve put out so far lol. It was great to join you on the blog hop! Enjoy your porch!

    1. Thanks so much Traci! When we lived back east I always heard that spraying your plants with an egg wash mixture was a good deer repellent. I never used it myself since but worth a try. So fun hopping with you. XI- MJ

  7. Kim says:

    Mary Jo, your front porch is just so lovely!! I love your Dutch door (I may be a little jealous 😉😊). It’s been fun hopping with you!!

    1. Thanks so much Kim. We are loving the new front door. We have the top open all the time. Thanks for the visit! XO- MJ

  8. Sonya says:

    I absolutely love that front door, I have always wanted one. Your porch is so inviting and welcoming especially with the added candelabra, it’s the perfect touch for any time of year. So happy to be on the hop with you.

    1. Thank you so much Sonya! Yes, the candelabra is a unique piece and I love the rusty vintage vibes. Great hopping with you!. XO- MJ

  9. mireilleftm says:

    I just got some new front rugs but I need to add something on the sides of them! Some great ideas here.

    1. Oh good! I am so glad I inspired you with some good ideas. Thanks for stopping by. XO- MJ

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