a guide to winter decorating

I love the spareness and quietness our homes speak to us after all the hoopla of the holidays is neatly packed away. Here are some ideas and inspiration on winter decorating, making your home pretty and welcoming during these long days of winter.

winter decorating

houseplants and other organic elements are great for winter decorating

As always I like to use organic elements and at this time of year I focus on my houseplants and even bring some outdoor plants indoors. This rosemary tree was a front porch decoration during the holidays but now it welcomes our guests on the bombe chest in the foyer.

winter decorating

I created a vignette using a collection of green urns. This is a favorite technique if mine- to use a collection or a grouping of like items in mass. As a grouping they make a bigger impact; besides the rosemary tree I also used twig orbs in the urns to add to the organic feels. It’s all displayed on a tray to ground it along with a candle, always for ambience, and a ring of skeleton keys I picked up at an estate sale to give it a vintage touch.

Also in the foyer we have a new Fiddleleaf Fig. It was a total impulse buy at Costco because the price was SO amazing. The plant is in incredible condition and I could not pass it up.

I know many stores ramp up their houseplant inventory this time of year because everyone’s home feels somewhat empty after the holidays. Plus it’s still too cold to focus on our outdoor gardens. This Fiddleleaf Fig promotion is fantastic if you can find it at your local Costco. Run, don’t walk, just saying.

Around the corner in the living room the side glass console holds my cloche collection with an assortment of different moss balls and elements. This keeps that organic, green feel going that the houseplants evoke. You can read more about the glass cloche collection here {through the seasons – cloches}.

candles, lanterns, etc. add great ambience for winter decorating

Also in the living room I have my ornamental birdcage in front of the big picture window. I used the same recipe I use this time of year to stage it, using plants and candles. I added my Pilea plant on a stack of books with a candle and some decorative bells. You can see here {through the seasons – an ornamental birdcage} how I have decorate this piece through the year.

use Christmas decor that lends itself for winter decorating

I love how simple and clean all the decor is after the heaviness of the Christmas glitz and glam. Although, I do continue using some of my organic Christmas decor if it makes sense. Just like the Rosemary tree in the foyer I kept the dough bowl on the coffee table filled with evergreen trimmings, pine cones, mercury glass baubles and candles. I will keep this for a couple more weeks before I change out the decor.

The bowl on the dining room table stayed the same as well with moss balls and pine cones. This can carry me for a few more weeks until I see where inspiration takes me as we start having signs of Spring.

The sideboard got a refresh with dried hydrangeas. The bar tray is a perineal on the sideboard ready for Mr. M to craft the cocktail of choice and on the other side the tiered silver tray holds votives at the ready to set a cozy ambience.

I enjoy all the white space this time of year offers and I only inject plants, flowers, organic elements and candles to add warmth and coziness.

Of course blankets and pillows are echoed in interiors this time of year as great accents in our homes. They are pretty as well as practical which is always a bonus. Let me know what you like to use in your homes during these long and cold winter days.

Here are some other posts you might find helpful {winter decor}, {too early for spring} and {winter blues}.

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”

John Steinbeck

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  1. Lexi Materazo says:

    Wow, amazing! I love your use of organic elements and candle light, really gives that homie holiday feeling!! Keep up the good work…

    1. Thank you Lexi girl! XO

  2. Mr. Masterpiece says:

    I love how you are able to take the most simple components and turn them into an amazingly warm and welcoming ambiance. Can’t wait for your next masterpiece!❤️

    1. Thank you Mr. M. 💛 XO- MJ

  3. Carolyn Cameron Bauerle says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Mary Jo!
    Love all your ideas. I am Swedish cleaning and would love to know if you would like my vintage valentine’s? I had 500, but am down to a hundred. They are from the 20’s and 30’s all to one young girl. I acquired them from a family who had saved all their Grandmother’s Valentines from when she was little. They are in excellent condition. I would love to pass them along. Please DM me or FB message me if you are interested. Consider them a gift.

    1. Thanks so much for thinking about me Carolyn. That’s super sweet. I’ll send you a DM. XO- MJ

  4. I also love grouping things together and you are right, it makes such a bigger more beautiful impact. You have so many pretty pieces; the silver, the cloches the fabulous birdcage. Love all that you’ve done. It’s so charming. Enjoy the winter!

    1. Thanks so much Cindy. I loved all you winter vignettes too. I appreciate the visit. 🙂. XO- MJ

  5. Cindy says:

    Your Fiddle Tree is so gorgeous! Mine is struggling this winter. I’m hoping it will make it. Thanks for sharing your lovely home 😊

    1. Oh No! I wish I had some advice for you but this is the first Fiddleleaf I have owned. The price was truly amazing and they were so incredibly healthy I had to snatch one up. I hope you can nurse back. XO- MJ

  6. Thank you for sharing some inspiration. We could all use some help with adding some warmth to our homes during the winter months. #HomeMattersParty

    1. Hi Donna! Yes warm & cozy is what we all need right now. TY for the visit. XO- MJ

  7. Cara says:

    Hi MaryJo, wow! I love your natural elements showcased in each of your vignettes. I only wish I could keep plants alive, we are full speed ahead with faux everything here. That Bombay chest is a beauty, I am always on the look out for unique pieces like that. Thank you for linking up to Whimsy Home Wednesday!

    1. Thanks so much Cara! There’s nothing wrong with faux. It’s all about how you display and style your home. The Bombé chest we bought over 20 years ago at an auction. It was a great find. Thanks for the visit! XO- MJ

  8. Rachel says:

    I love this post!! Your home is decorated in such a pretty way for winter! All the green is so calming!

    1. Thanks so much Rachel. You’re so sweet. This is actually from a couple of years ago but I follow the same guidelines. XO- MJ

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