through the seasons – cloches

Thru the seasons-cloches

Next in my {through the seasons} series I want to showcase how I use my glass cloches throughout the year for different holidays and occasions.  I’ve acquired my cloches at many different places, including thrift stores to high end decor stores. Needless to say, it’s an eclectic collection that does not match per say but still looks great together.

Glass cloche summer 7

Some of the cloches are thin walled and some are constructed of heavy glass.  Some have knobs and some don’t and one even has a makeshift knob. I love how they are all different but yet have a cohesive theme and look.

Thru the seasons-cloches 1

Of course they lend themselves for all the different holidays throughout the year.

Glass cloche vignette fall 4

In the fall I highlight pine cones, pumpkins and acorns.  Everything looks more interesting under glass.

Skull vignette1

During the Fall season Halloween always has plenty of opportunity with props and fun.  What could be better than skulls under glass? {wink}

Thru the seasons-cloches 2

And although Fall and Halloween can be really fun, nothing is better than Christmas in my book.  The possibilities are endless and I could do on entire post on Christmas cloche decorating alone.

Thru the seasons-cloches 3

Sometimes it’s better to just accent one or two things with cloches instead of the entire collection to allow some items to shine and be showcased.  This adds interest in a display and gives added dimension.

Secretary seashells 5

And of course around this time of year is when I start pulling out my sea shells for summertime decorating, filing up cloches, bowls and trays.

Patriotic decor2

Another favorite summertime decorating foil is the American flag, which lends itself from Memorial Day through Labor Day with Flag Day and Independence Day in-between.  Cloches make a great centerpiece for tablescapes, allowing so many themes and seasonal touches.

Thru the seasons-cloches 4

I hope you enjoyed this post since I know many of us own glass cloches and use them in a myriad of ways.  It’s always fun to share one’s point of view.
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“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes, design is knowing which ones to keep.”
~Scott Adams~


  1. Awww, for the love of cloches. I use them all the time too. I enjoyed seeing yours through the seasons.

  2. Thanks so much Barbara. Yes everything is more fun & interesting under glass! Not sure why = ). I loved receiving your comment & thanks for stopping by.
    XO- MaryJo

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