too early for spring?

Around this time of year the winter blues set in and I start pining for Spring.  It could be due to the fact that I live in California and the weather is considerably mild during winter, making it feel like Spring is just around the corner.   It is though, right? Anyway, I tend toContinue reading “too early for spring?”

happy epiphany

Today is the epiphany.  The three wise men arrived to the birth of baby Jesus, bearing gifts of frankincense, gold & myrrh.  I grew up celebrating this holiday {los reyes magos} and I have instilled the tradition with my own children|family. This morning the masterpiece children woke up to find gifts tucked by their shoesContinue reading “happy epiphany”

a timely mantel

Last week I showed you my sparse and barren decor after all the Christmas decorations were carefully tucked away for the year. I have slowly started to add some details and tweak some other things.  Of course the mantel is always a go to, fun decorating destination. Remember the mantel looked like this? time forContinue reading “a timely mantel”

time for pause

After all the hustle & bustle of the holiday season has passed and all the decorations have been but away and all our schedules & routines return to a somewhat normalized pace, I like to give my home & life time to pause. My home and decor become sparse and barren in a good way.Continue reading “time for pause”

the hustle and bustle of the season

I’ve been wanting to share so much with you but I’ve been b.u.s.y ! Which I know of you can relate to. I am mostly done with decorating the house inside & out, which I give a few glimpses in this post but will share in more detail real soon. I also finished ourContinue reading “the hustle and bustle of the season”

the silver tip tree I love oh so very much

I love the silver tip Christmas trees, with the sparse branches, with room for ornaments to hang just so, with the perky profile that makes me smile. I call them our Charlie Brown or Dr. Seuss trees and the only kind we have gotten for over a decade now. The whole family hunts for theContinue reading “the silver tip tree I love oh so very much”

dinner for 2 al fresco

I love eating al fresco.  It usually up in my mind a little bistro in Europe with amazing food, wonderful vistas and great ambiance. So here’s a nod to all those fantastic memories of those memorable meals right in the corner of our own patio. It immediately elevates whatever one is eating, drinking, talking about,Continue reading “dinner for 2 al fresco”

matchsticks apothecary knock-off

Hello friends. Since winter is in full stride and many of us are enjoying warm fires and plenty of candlelight, I wanted to share a quick craft knock off for some super cute matchsticks that you won’t want to hide in a drawer but rather display next to your decor. Although I just finished thisContinue reading “matchsticks apothecary knock-off”

gloom blooms

I’m chasing away the gloom with fresh blooms. It’s been rainy & gray around here, which I’m not complaining about at all since we desperately need the water. This pop of yellow in the kitchen brings some much needed sunshine. My lawn is green again, which makes me smile. BUT inside our home it startedContinue reading “gloom blooms”