baubles in a crate

Baubles in a crate

I love decorating for Christmas!  BUT it can also be stressful and become overwhelming with all the decorating tasks like the tree and the mantel and the front porch and, and, and…  So when I discover an easy decor design that I absolutely love I use the recipe over and over again to simplify the process.  Stacking ornaments high in a crate makes me.happy.every.single.time.  It is super easy, super cute, AND you are done in seconds!

A vintage door & a petite Christmas tree8

Here I shared one of my vintage Coca-Cola crates stacked high with ornaments in the {a vintage door & a petite Christmas tree} post.   These oversized ornaments are from the Dollar Tree and are plastic since I use them outside, avoiding any stress worrying about damage.  

A vintage door & a petite Christmas tree2

Since the ornaments are plastic the crate is super light, making it portable. I can move it inside under the tree, or use it as a centerpieces for a tablescape or as a decoration on the sideboard… the possibilities are endless.  

A vintage door & a petite Christmas tree6

I actually used another crate under the tree.  This is an old painted green crate that I have had for a long time.  I don’t remember exactly when I got it or where for that matter, but I use it all the time either inside or outside.

Baubles in a crate 1

For this crate I once again used plastic and metal ornaments.  These plastic ornaments are actually quite nice, purchased at a local craft & decor store years ago.  The store has gone out of business since, which makes me super sad because I always found unique items there.  Picture an upscale, family owned Michaels, JoAnns, or Hobby Lobby if you will, which always had the best florals and seasonal decor.

Baubles in a crate 2

I also included fairy lights in this crate with the ornaments to give it some sparkle and make it more festive.

Baubles in a crate 3

Although we are indoors I still chose to use plastic and metal ornaments, which are not easily breakable.   In case our dog, Bailey gets curious or any of us happen to maybe trip on the crate as we walk by the tree the ornaments are not likely to break or create a mess.

Baubles in a crate 4

The last crate I am sharing with you is a vintage tulip bulb crate from Europe.  The crate sits on the coffee table in the living room and the bottom is wire mesh so I can never stack heavy items inside.

Baubles in a crate 5

I layered clippings from our Christmas tree, assorted green glass ornaments and pine cones.  Also nestled among all the ornaments are a pillar battery operated candle, a winter nest with a glass bird and a couple of showcase ornaments in silver chalices.

Baubles in a crate 6 Organic pieces with a little bit of bling is always my jam. Throw in a vintage piece and its the trifecta perfection in my book.

Baubles in a crate 7

The Christmas tree is still not completely decorated yet.  The lights have been strung.  The garland has been placed.  And we hung our monogram oversized ornaments as a family, but after that the process stalled.Baubles in a crate 8

Now the kiddos will hang the ornaments but they are busy so hopefully it will get done over the next couple of days.  You can read about how our family dresses the tree every year here{a Christmas tree tradition}.  Considering how 2020 has been though, if the tree stayed like this through Christmas, I would not be surprised, BUT if we get it done I will share here.

Baubles in a crate 9

“Nobody’s walking out on this fun, old-fashioned, family Christmas.”

~Clark Griswold~

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  1. Love your tree (it took us a few days to finish ours) and that tray filled with ornaments. I also bought some of those huge ornaments from Dollar Tree this year and they came in handy — filling in any bare spaces on the tree! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen

  2. Yes! I love the oversized ornaments from Dollar tree. And unless you’re up close too them you can’t really tell they are plastic. Great deal for $1- Thanks for stopping by sweet friend. XO- MJ

  3. LOVE everything about all of your decor! I really love using everyday decor items in seasonal decor and you’ve captured it perfectly, not to mention how beautiful everything is. Featuring when my part opens up!

  4. You’re the best Carol! Thank you. XO- MJ

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