when life gives you lemons….

Make lemonade {which I plan to make today} Make roasted lemon chicken {which I made last night} Make lemon cheesecake {which hopefully I’ll make this weekend} But our tree overfloweth and I need more recipes {of course I haven’t googled yet or anything} Our tree is going crazy {which I love & not complaining byContinue reading “when life gives you lemons….”

lexi’s sleepover

So we finally, Finally had Lexi’s birthday sleepover.  Yes, her birthday is in June and we had celebrated in Idaho (remember this), but I had also promised her a sleepover with her Montair BFFs from kinder.  We didn’t want to have it during the height of the summer ‘cuz everyone’s traveling and busy so weContinue reading “lexi’s sleepover”

tomAto, tomaato….

Here we are towards the tail end of September and my garden is still going nuts with tomatoes.  I love this California growing season!  This picture is from a couple of weeks ago.  This week I had an overflowing basket of the plum tomatoes & I just can’t keep up.  I’m not into canning…(yet)…so it’sContinue reading “tomAto, tomaato….”

how does your garden grow?

We planted our veggie garden for the year,  ok, let me clarify.  I selected the varieties, the WHOLE family shopped for the plants, I arranged the vegetables and MATT did the actual planting.  I did some things different this year based on last year’s yield. Tried & true: basil, parsley, oregano, rosemary, small tomatoes. WhatContinue reading “how does your garden grow?”

happy mother’s day

Life is good.  My family surprised me with breakfast in our backyard. Good things:  Sebi’s penmanship on my Mother’s day card, Matt’s mimosas with Domaine Carneros champagne (edited: I mean sparkling wine, I’ve been corrected by my husband), Lexi’s sweet kisses ALL the time, the reliable phone call from my in-laws, Mike & Marina, whoContinue reading “happy mother’s day”

birthday bash !!!

So we finally had Sebastian’s birthday party & it went rather well for our first big outdoor extravaganza at the new house.  Yes, Sebastian’s birthday is January 31st, but we postponed the big fiesta ’til now for various reasons.  Last year we were in Uruguay for his 5th birthday and although we had a greatContinue reading “birthday bash !!!”

giving thanks

Very thankful to have a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by family & friends.  We started the festivities on Wednesday by making these cute candy turkeys.  This tradition started in our family a few years back when I saw them in a magazine.  Sebastian has helped me in the past few years but this year little LexiContinue reading “giving thanks”

happy birthday honey!

So it was Matt’s birthday on Friday & we ended up having a great little dinner party at home.  My in-laws, Mike & Marina arrived on Wednesday.  The kids love picking up grandma & grandpa at the airport.  Then my aunt, Tia Mary, came in on Friday from Uruguay.  So it was a wonderful familyContinue reading “happy birthday honey!”