early fall decorating ideas

Fall will be upon us before we know it, as summer slowly winds down. Here are some wonderfully organic early fall decorating ideas, transitioning between the seasons.

early fall decorating ideas

Keep in mind it’s very early fall decorating, since August isn’t even half way over. But shhhh, some of us are ready to turn the page to all things fall.

early fall decor

The magazines, and catalogs, and retail stores, and bogland, and the entire universe are all telling us that Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are here. Well, they will be, and we can slowly, s.l.o.w.l.y, start to tip toe in that direction.

early autumn decorating ideas

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love Fall, and this year for whatever reason I am ready to jump in. BUT, like I said, it’s really early, and if I start layering in the pumpkins, and gourds and acorns now, by the end of September, I am d.o.n.e. And there’s still October and November to deal with.

autumn decor

Halloween is a bit of a nice respite, but still…., you get my drift. When I originally scheduled this post, and planned the rough draft (in my head), I was only going to use old content from falls past. But I found these orange dahlias at Trade Joe’s, and they stopped me in my tracks.

transitioning decor to fall

This is how my foyer looks now. Remember how it looked a few. weeks ago {summer garden updates}? Well, now it looks like this, as I slowly start decorating for fall.

Flowers are a great early fall decorating idea

Although sunflowers tend to be my got to flower this time of year, these orange dahlias just spoke fall decor to me. I added some additional orange toned flowers to compliment the arrangement.

orange dahlias

The irony is that I haven’t used orange in my fall decor in years. I am planning on mixing things up this year though, and this is a good start. Some fun ideas are planned for fall, halloween and thanksgiving here on the blog.

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Fresh flowers are always a go to for me in my home decor, and you can see how I have used sunflowers in the foyer in the past.

fall decor

Sunflowers are a happy late summer flower but can also be a moody early fall flower, depending on how you style them.

moody sunflowers

I use sunflowers inside our home and outside. Here is a fall porch styling from a few years back.

fall porch
fall porch 2015

Sunflowers stuck into our front door wreath gave the perfect early fall welcome.

sunflowers wreath
fall porch 2015

Also sunflowers are the perfect flower to grace any table. This was a fun back to school table scape with books and sunflowers.

sunflower tablescape
bookish tablescape

And of course everything is better under glass. The moodiness of these dried sunflowers in a glass cloche are perfect for early fall decorating.

dried sunflowers in a cloche
glass cloches & dried flowers

Feathers are another great go to early fall decor detail

In the current spur of the moment early fall vignette, I included a feather wreath as a backdrop.

transitioning to autumnal fall decor

The wreath is super simple, which I love. I found it at Target years ago {I went to Target for toilet paper…}, and I bring it out every year around this time of year.

The wreath is understated, but I think it packs a big punch. I also love to cluster feathers in pitchers around the house. It’s a great alternative to a flower arrangement.

feather decor for fall
French label bottles DIY

Whether in a brown transfer ware pitcher on the mantel or a silver pitcher on a sideboard, feathers are always a great fall decor idea, without screaming FALL.

pear decor for fall

Feathers on the mantel are always a go to for me year after year during the fall season, and it’s a great way to start decorating for the season slowly.

fall mantel
fall mantel & fireplace

Of course table capes are always a favorite around here, and feathers can add a perfect little touch.

mercury glass Friendsgiving tablescape

Feathers are the perfect detail, whether added at each place setting or in the centerpiece.

fall tablescape
Thanksgiving tablescape 2015

I also included feathers in this back to school tablescape to emulate a vintage quill and ink set at each place setting.

bookish tablescape

It provided all the early fall, late summer back to school vibes. The colors are vibrant and summery, while the bookish touches are a nod to the early fall season.

secretary desk dressed up for fall

Seasonal produce {whether real or faux} is another great go to early fall decor detail

I love to use pears in my fall decor. I used a pair of wooden pears in this current vignette in the foyer. You can see more of my tips for styling a foyer here {how to decorate a spring foyer}.

fall decor ideas

I found these wooden pears last year, and I love the organic rustic feel they have.

early fall decorating ideas
how to decorate for fall using pears

I always gravitate to pears for whatever reason, and have a few different designs throughout our home, but they really come out in style this time of year.

pear decor

Also of course real pears is an easy and inexpensive solution. used green pears in this tablescape years ago.

pear tablescape
pear inspired tablescape

This was such a great table to style, and the pears were the star of the show.

pear inspired tablescape

There are many choices to use this time of year. Apples are another favorite of mine. Think of not only what’s in season, but also color palettes.

autumn tablescape

I think deep plums and purples are also great this time of year. Red kale, eggplant, and purple cauliflower quickly come to mind. Use what works for you and your style.

fall vignette

I hope this inspired you for some fall decorating. If you are interested, you can read my post from last year {how to start transitioning to fall decor slowly}, which has additional tips.

“Life starts over again when life gets crisp in the Fall.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald

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  1. This has been a long hot summer. We started with 100+ temps back in June. So, fall is beginning to sound very appealing.

    1. Yes Donna! I’m ready for fall too. Thanks for dropping by! XO- MJ

  2. decorativeinspirationsgmailcom says:

    I really enjoyed all your fall home ideas. Thank you for sharing your home with us. It looks beautiful.

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet compliments and the visit. XO- MJ

  3. Laurie says:

    I believe that sunflowers are for almost all of the seasons! 🙂
    Even your dried ones are lovely and lend a fall feel!

    Thank you for sharing this over at the Sunday Sunshine Blog Hop


    1. Hi Laurie! I love sunflowers too. I don’t know why they remind me of fall. XO- MJ

  4. rbgranholm says:

    I love all of your simple and affordable ideas! Natural decor is just the best because it’s free…it’s also full of texture and color!!

  5. Donna Allen says:

    I love all your tips for early Fall decor! My favorite are the feathers! Guess what I’ll be searching for next time I go shopping! Everything looks beautiful!

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