Christmas in July – 12 place settings of Christmas

Our Christmas tables are probably the most special and festive tables we set all year.  I want to share 12 ideas for setting a festive table for each guest with different Christmas place settings. Whether you set the table for two or twelve the details are still the same. July might seem early to start planning for Christmas, but trust me, it’s never too early.

the 12 place settings of Christmas

Christmas is the time of year that affords us the luxury to set multiple tables, including Christmas Eve, Christmas brunch, Christmas dinner plus more depending on traditions and lifestyles.  Some might have dinner parties with friends or business soirees or a multitude of opportunities to entertain and rejoice. I hope these ideas inspire your Christmas tables this season.

the 12 place settings of Christmas

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12 Christmas place setting ideas

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one- an ornament

It’s as easy as setting a pretty ornament on each plate stack.  You can tie a ribbon to the ornament to give it an extra detail.  You can also attach the guest’s name to assign seating. The ornament can be a party favor if you would like for your guests to take it home as a gift.

ornament table styling
thrifted green transferware goodies

two- a gift box

If the idea of sending each guest home with a gift appeals to you, you can go as far as wrapping mini gifts to place at each place setting.  I have a set of faux gifts, meaning they are just empty pretty, wrapped boxes, which I use for table scapes, but you could include real gifts too, doubling as favors.

the 12 place settings of Christmas

three- a candle

I have a set of clip on candles that are meant to be tree ornaments, but I love to clip them on to the edges of the dishes at each place setting.  The ones I use are glass ornaments from Martha Stewart a gazillion years ago.  I would not recommend using real candles.  If you want to use real candles, I would recommend using votives at each place setting, which is also a great idea and gives great ambiance. 

the 12 place settings of Christmas

four- greenery

Adding a fresh sprig at each place setting is a really festive and fresh touch.  You can either simply place it on the plate stack or slip it into the napkin ring with the linens.  Also if you are allergic or cannot get your hands on fresh evergreens you can certainly use faux and it adds the same fresh look.

the 12 place settings of Christmas

five- individual floral arrangements

I shared a holiday table a few seasons ago {winter greens tablescape}, where I had a mini floral arrangement at each place setting with fresh Christmas greenery and white roses.  I love the freshness is spreads throughout the table, and it really makes each person at the table feel extra special to have their own arrangement.

fresh winter greens table design
winter greens tablescape

six- bottle brush trees

Nothing screams Merry Christmas more than having a little bottle brush trees at everyone’s place setting.  Bottle brush trees come in a myriad of colors so you can coordinate with your decor and table theme. You can stand them alone, or place them on a doily or even include them in a ball jar with some snow as I have done here.

the 12 place settings of Christmas
farmhouse truck | woodie Christmas tablecsape

seven- winter nests & birds

I love bird nests any time of year, and these snowy nests with baby eggs caught my eye the minute I saw them years ago. Originally, I purchased these with my Christmas Eve table scape in mind, but I have used them as ornaments as well. I love when things perform double duty.

the 12 place settings of Christmas

eight- Christmas postcards

I found these mini retro cards a few years ago {I think at Michaels if I remember correctly}.  I was going to use them as gift tags, but I ended up using them as place cards for our Christmas tables that year.  Vintage Christmas postcards would also look fantastic at each place setting similar to how I used them in this Thanksgiving table years ago {thanksgiving tablescape 2015}.

the 12 place settings of Christmas

nine- salt & pepper shakers

This is a Christmas craft I created many years ago you can see all the details here {Christmas crafting}.  I pull these salt & pepper shakers out every Christmas, and I love using them in many ways but they are super cute for a tablescape.  You can use the pair or you can just use one shaker at each place setting.   

the 12 place settings of Christmas
Christmas crafting

ten- mini wreaths

Wreaths at each place setting are super festive and fresh.  Once again here you can go real or faux.  I bought these bottle brush wreaths months ago to use for our Christmas brunch this year after opening presents. I love the retro vibes the wreaths give off, but I have also used boxwood wreaths that are super organic and rustic.

bottle brush Christmas tablescape
bottlebrush Christmas tablescape

eleven- words | sentiments

These wooden words I found on Etsy are super cute. I used them in this table scape {sentiments Christmas tablescape}.  I absolutely love them.

the 12 place settings of Christmas
sentiment Christmas table

twelve- tree picks

I don’t use decorative Christmas picks in my tree, but I scooped these up when I saw them for a table scape in mind. And Viola! This table scape was born. You can read all the silly details about these picks on the original post {winter nesting table}.

the 12 place settings of Christmas
winter nesting table

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There are so many more ideas out there, but these are the ones I have used personally.  On my list to use in the future are also mini gingerbread houses, bells, and mini cloches, to name a few. Here’s a sneak peak on what I am working on for our Christmas table styling this year.

plaid Christmas

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I love setting a pretty table as I know all of you do too.  It’s one of my favorite things to do, and I always try to do it at least one if not two days in advance so I can totally enjoy the process.

the 12 place settings of Christmas

get ready for festive Christmas place settings

“Christmas is the season for kindling the fire of hospitality.”

Washington Irvin

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  6. I adore table setting! So many cute ideas here, and many work for other times of year too not just Christmas (though it’s NEVER too early to dream about that 😁). I’ve used a lot of these before but there are some new ones that have got my wheels turning too…

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  8. Cara says:

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