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Hello friends! It’s time for the next book review and today I am sharing a beyond inspirational home & garden book called “Patina Farm” by Brooke & Steve Giannetti. This is part of a new monthly series, which shares books centered around our home.

home and garden book review

Last month I shared feels like Home by Marian Parsons and next month I will be sharing Paris Flea Market Style by Claudia Strasser.

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patina home book review

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about Brooke & Steve Giannetti

I had the good fortune to meet Brooke & Steve. Patina Farm is located in Ojai, CA and the Giannetti’s use to open their home up for tours frequently. Brooke is a designer and Steve is an architect and together the two created the beautiful oasis known as Patina Farm.

Brooke Giannetti

Brooke and Steve are incredibly gracious, unbelievably talented and refreshingly approachable. Both of them are present during the tours, engaging with all the guests and providing great insights and details about their home.

Brooke & Steve Giannetti

Patina Farm was built and designed with the intent to provide a space where family, friends and a menagerie of animals could coexist surrounded by peace, relaxation and beauty. Patina Farm always blurs the lines between the outside and interior of the home, which is something I strive for in my own home.

Patina Farm

The Giannetti’s have relocated to Tennesse where they are currently creating Patina Meadow. You can keep up with the Giannetti’s and their endeavors @ Patina Home & Garden, which I highly recommend following along.

about Patina Farm the book

From their forward “The vision that Brooke and Steve have executed celebrates the good life and the art of living well.” The message really hit home for me since that’s the intent behind my blog, striving to master the art of joie de vivre, the good life, la buena vida, la dolce vita.

Patina Farm

Patina Farm melds all the things they love together, family, art, nature and animals. They created a place for things to happen, emotions to be felt and memories to be made.

Patina Farm

The book is divided into eight chapters, which I have listed below. I will share some insights from each chapter, but keep in mind the book has so much more incredible information and inspiration, which is impossible to condense into this post. Plus the photography is amaZing!

Patina Farms chapters

  • Arriving
  • Connecting
  • Nourishing
  • Creating
  • Restoring
  • Rejuvenating
  • Sharing
  • Farming

Patina Home chapter reviews


Much thought and deliberation went into every detail, giving attention to all the senses. Brooke and Steve built Patina Farm on a 5-acre lot allowing the sun, vegatation and land dictate how to lay out the home, other structures and gardens.

Patina Farm

Sights of beautiful blooms and patina inspired colors plus the intentional materials selected greet you as you approach. Plus sounds from the fountain, the antique school bell and the happy animals let you know you are in the right place. All the details are meant to create experiences. The property is meant to allow a feeling that it had been built over time.

Patina Farm


The open floor plans at Patina Farm are to obtain the primary goal of connecting all the people and animals within the dwelling. The architecture combines both modern and classic elements, which is influenced and inspired by European designs. Ultimately the line between indoor and outdoor living is constantly blurred.

Patina Farm

The combination of rustic and refined is found throughout, achieving the relaxed yet well-appointed environment. Across the interior and exterior spaces you will find so many interesting interesting pieces and unique installments.

Patina Farm


The kitchen was inspired by those found in European farmhouses. It’s open to the dining room, sharing the two-sided stone fireplace. The kitchen provides enough space and seating for friends and family to enjoy wine and bites while the hosts cook.

Patina Farm

The focal point and star of the show in this space is the Lacanche range, where copper, aged brass and stainless steel mix and mingle in perfect unison. I love how the Giannetti’s use old bread boards and aged copper pots displayed as art work in the kitchen space. They have modern amenities complimented with beautiful antiques.


Brooke and Steve’s offices provide both an organized space to do their work plus inspirational freedom, surrounded by the things they love. Their creative spaces are serene, while providing an optimal productive setting.

Patina Farm

Steve is surrounded by the beautiful Patina Farm landscapes and his artwork. Brooke has her beloved. animals and gardens close at hand. Both spaces are enviable and appointed with the same attention to detail as the rest of the house.

Patina Farm


The private area of Patina home where the bedrooms are located is designed as a sanctuary for the family. The clean lines of the architecture is balanced with the rustic textures of the antiques.

Patina Farm

All the design details are extremely intentional, keeping with an uncomplicated aesthetic, but using beautifully interesting pieces. The greenhouse bathroom in the master suite spared no detail and is beyond imagination.

Patina Farm


The gardens surrounding the house are treated as outdoor rooms (I love that!), connecting to the inside visually and aesthetically. The materials used outdoors are the same or compliment those used inside, allowing it all to flow together.

Patina Farm

The property sports a pond, greenhouse, barn, chicken coop, rose garden, beautiful limestone French water fountain, fire pit seating area and so much more. It truly is an oasis for family, friends and animals to happily coexist. Each outdoor space was thoughtfully designed with purpose in mind.

Patina Farm


Patina Farm also contains a guest house, which include tranquil views of the pond. With its own private driveway and entrance it allows for the freedom to come and go at one’s pleasing.

Patina Farm

Brooke & Steve appointed the guest quarters beautifully. They wanted too share the world they created with family and friends.


George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate inspired the garden and farm spaces. When touring the estate, the Giannetti’s found George Washington was the epitome of the gentlemen farmer, perfectly combing form and function.

Patina Farm

They accomplished their dream of creating a self sustaining farm environment with charm. They own the luckiest mini donkeys, goats, chickens, doves, dogs and more. Their animal menagerie relocated to Tennesse with them and seems to have adapted nicely.

Patina Farm

final thoughts on Patina Farm

If Patina Farm is anything, it is beyond inspirational. The Giannetti’s not only inspire on how to design your home, but also how to use it and live in it well.

Patina Farm

The photography in the book is amazing. Each photo shares so many details of which I can stare at forever

Patina Farm

I am sharing some of the photographs I took when I toured Patina Farm throughout this post. My pictures only focus on the exterior of the home. It was requested we did not photograph the interior for privacy reasons. Well, the pictures in this book lets you into those interior spaces and spares no details.

Patina Farm

more Patina Farm inspiration

“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of the crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”

Masanobu Fukuoka

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  1. Barbara at Mantel and Table says:

    Sounds like a fabulous book MaryJo! You must have had a wonderful time on your visit, and I love all your descriptions. I felt like I’d taken a little trip there myself! Thanks – and Happy 4th!

  2. MaryJo.
    Sounds like such an interesting book…Thanks for the review…
    And thanks so much for all your very kind comments that you left on my posts….I am so glad to hear that you enjoy ed seeing my red and blue transferware collection….I am quite pleased with how all my flowers and perennials are doing this year…I am quite happy with those pot towers…So far so good with how they are growing…Again, thanks so much for your visit sand your encouraging comments.. I truly appreciate it! Hope you have a great July 4th…

    1. Thanks Deb! Always a pleasure! Happy 4th. XO- MJ

  3. Cara says:

    Beautiful photos and landscape, thank you for sharing MaryJo. I am sure your visit was fabulous, something about seeing something in person is so much better than a photograph. Wonder why they decided to move to the Carolinas? You sure do have some fascinating places to visit. Ohio doesn’t offer so much. I would love to create a little oasis here, home, it is the best place to be and share with friends and family.

    1. Thanks Cara. I’m glad you enjoyed it. They are truly inspirational and have guided some of the decisions in our own home. XO- MJ

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