a new foyer styling with spring decor

Your foyer or entryway welcomes all your guests into your home, making it the perfect canvas for updated seasonal decor. Spring decor is all about freshness and florals and fancy.

spring decor styling

You can read all about how to decorate your foyer and the spring decor we used last year here {how to decorate a spring foyer}. This post is chock full of information about your entryway practicality and prettiness in general. Today, I am simply focusing on a current spring styling to freshen up our home.

spring foyer styling

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florals and more florals for Spring decor

I used fresh spring colors with a green and yellow color palette with my usual vintage and neutral vibes. I repeated the yellow & green color palette throughout the different florals in the vignette.

spring decor styling

fresh flowers

There’s a fresh flower arrangement in an oversized farmhouse pitcher. The arrangement is from our Easter celebration, which quickly got moved over once Easter Sunday was over. Remember how I like to {stretch my grocery bought flowers}.

spring decor foyer

floral artwork & artifacts

The green and yellow floral accents are also repeated in the artwork, which includes the tole decorative piece and the two small paintings. Also, do you spy that pretty tea cup? That’s a fairly recent thrift store find. The yellow flowers are everything. I am smitten.

floral spring decor styling

floral accent pieces

I didn’t necessarily need or want a teacup, but this cutie called out to me. The look of dainty porcelain pieces in decor vignettes always make me smile. I could not resist this little guy. I picked him up, but considered putting him back a few times. Once I started spying other items I wanted, I ended up keeping him. You can read all my {thrifting tips and tricks} here.

spring decor

That’s the thing about thrift shopping, you’ll never know what you’ll find and what will inspire you. If you enjoy the thrift store experience, then you will be interested in the monthly thrifted goodies series I participate in. Simply search “thrifted goodies” in the search box at the bottom of the page or you can start here {thrifted goodies – the Easter basket edition}, which was our last installment and contains all the thrifting related post information.

spring decor styling

floral crafts

I placed the floral Easter egg I recently created, which I shared here {floral Easter egg DIY} on the dainty tea cup. Although Easter has come and gone this year, the florals on this egg just played nicely with the entire vignette. Once Easter is over, you do not have to rush to put all those bunnies, eggs and carrots away since they still give off spring vibes, and there is still plenty of springtime to go around.

everyday foyer decor grounds seasonal items

By incorporating your everyday foyer decor items with seasonal pieces creates layers. This forms an interesting and stylish seasonal vignette.

spring decor styling

The Santos bust tends to be my focal accent piece here most of the year. I love the serenity and spirituality she brings to the space. I explain the purpose and place for this type of piece in your entryway space here {how to decorate a spring foyer}. The fact that my Santos bust is green is simply a bonus.

spring decor styling

I also always have the lanterns and | or candles burning to create a great ambience when folks enter or walk by. I love a scented candle in this space, which greets friends and family when they come through the door with a welcoming aroma.

spring decor

more spring decor ideas

Spring is all about new life, freshness and cheeriness. Yellow is the cheeriest color in my book, so I love using it during the springtime.

spring decor styling

Smudge sticks, like the one in this vignette, have started popping up all over my house as of late. I have amassed a little collection since we carry them at the shoppe {Whim House}. We have a variety with many including Palo Santo or selenite like the one here. It ties into the spirituality feelings I like to sprinkle throughout the house. You can see {a guide to smudging} here.

spring decor styling

The smudge sticks are another way to use florals. For spring you can use florals in your home, whether in arrangements or wreaths or garlands, etc. Sprinkle these florals throughout your home to provide that freshness associated with spring. The flowers can be fresh, faux, or dried; it does not matter as long as they have that happy fresh spring vibe.

spring decor styling

Moss is one of those organic elements I love to inject into my decor throughout the year. I included this mossy mushroom here, which is the latest addition to my mushroom obsession collection.

spring foyer decor styling

So the paper on the floor is from the contractors. I know, not so pretty, but life keeps moving along over here. I just keep decorating around it. lol. The bathroom remodel is going swimmingly, which I shared the vision board here. I will have an update shortly and cannot wait for the final reveal!

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Here’s a peak at the other side of the foyer. A little bird sitting in a nest provides a tiny spring detail. I have some spring projects planned, which I am super excited to share soon!

spring decor styling

get your own spring vibes

“Blossom by blossom the spring begins.”

Algernon Charles Swinburne

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  1. Rachel says:

    Your foyer is LOVELY, friend!! It’s got ALL the Spring feels. That teacup is adorable…the yellow flowers are so pretty. I’m so happy you picked it up!! Thanks so much for sharing at Home Imagined today!

    1. Thanks so much Rachel. Always happy to join the party. Thanks for the visit. 💛💫 XO- MJ

  2. Myrna says:

    I love vignettes. It’s a little story going on by itself. When I was little, I loved decorated shop windows and the secret of different levels. Today, you may see florist shop window decorated. A vignette is a place you would want to walk into and explore. Each time you look, you see something you didn’t see last time.
    You made my day with both vignettes.

    1. Oh! Thank you Myrna. You made my day with your sweet comment. XO- MJ

  3. What a lovely foyer! And you have such an artistic eye for layering together a vignette. So bright and pretty. 😉

    1. Thanks so much Carrie! Your sweet comment totally made my day. Thanks for stopping by. XO- MJ

  4. Cara says:

    I love the tiny painting in your entryway! So cute, and I doubt I would have passed on the teacup either, it is so adorable. Nailed it, as always! Spring has sprung, and it can keep doing so. I am not ready for summer.

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