the easiest fancy dessert idea

Hello friends. Today I’m sharing a super easy dessert, which is sure to impress your guests. This dessert is fairly simple, super yummy and beautifully made. It’s all about the presentation. Who doesn’t love an easy fancy dessert, right? Come on in and see how you can make this too.

easy fancy dessert idea

I love the chocolate and raspberry combination, always. So… this is basically pairing basic brownies with a raspberry coulis sauce and whipped cream. Super yum and super easy.

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how to make a brownie stack fancy dessert

I chose to use a boxed brownie mix to simplify this step, but I made the raspberry coulis sauce and whipped cream from scratch. The sauce and the cream are the details which elevate the plate. Plus using a round cutting form to stack the brownies is an added detail, which makes the brownies extra special.

easy fancy dessert idea


  • Box of Brownie Mix
  • 1 cup Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 2 Tablespoons Confectioners’ Sugar
  • 12 oz. frozen raspberries
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 3 Tablespoon Orange Juice
  • Chocolate Sprinkles
  • Packet of Fresh Raspberries


brownie dessert

Make the brownies using the boxed instructions. Bake using a flat baking dish. Once the brownies are baked and cooled, slice using a round cutter. I use these. Set brownies aside.

fancy brownie dessert idea

While the brownies are baking make the homemade whipped cream. Simply place heavy cream and confectioner sugar in mixing bowl and beat with mixer. Beat for a few minutes until soft peaks form. Once whipped cream is done, refrigerate until ready to use.

brownie stack dessert

Next make the raspberry coulis sauce by placing orange juice and granulated sugar in a small sauce pan. Heat until sugar fully dissolves in juice. While the juice is heating, place packet of frozen raspberries in a blender. Once sugar is fully dissolved in juice pour over raspberries in blender and blend until fully liquified. Strain raspberry sauce to remove any seeds. Refrigerate sauce until ready to use.

fancy brownie dessert recipe

Once everything is made you can assemble the brownie stacks. Start with a brownie round add a layer of whipped cream and raspberry coulis. For the second layer, add another brownie round topped with more raspberry sauce and cream . Decorate with chocolate sprinkles as desired. At this point I place them on a serving or cake plate until I am ready to serve.

brownie stack dessert

When you are ready to serve, place some of the whipped cream and raspberry coulis on the bottom of the dessert plate a la fancy restaurant style. Place brownie stack on the middle of the plate and garnish with fresh raspberries. Viola – an easy fancy dessert! Bon Appetit.

easy fancy dessert idea

tips for making an easy brownie stack fancy dessert

A tip for when you use a boxed dessert is to substitute the directed water with milk. You get a much richer product this way. I learned this from a local grocery store baker when my kids were littles, and we liked to home bake many of the birthday cakes.

easy fancy brownie dessert idea

Also, I recommend under baking the brownies just a tad so they are really, really soft. When you cut through the two stacks of the brownies you want them to be as soft as possible.

easy fancy dessert idea

Although the mixer does all the work when you beat the whipped cream, make sure to watch it closely because if you over beat it, it turns into butter.

brownie stack dessert

You will have left over brownie scraps once you’re done cutting out all the rounds. Use the scraps plus any cream and sauce you have left over to create parfaits. Simply layer crumbled brownies pieces, plus cream and sauce for a couple of layers and then top with chocolate sprinkles and fresh raspberries.

easy fancy dessert idea

If you still have whipped cream and raspberry sauce left over, they keep in the refrigerator for about a week.

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supplies to help you make an easy fancy brownie stack dessert

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“In chocolate there are nuanced shades of black, veiled mysteries of taste, abysses of pleasure.” 

Fabrizio Caramagna

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  2. This looks so yummy, very fancy. Great for afternoon tea 🙂

    1. Yes! It would be perfect for afternoon tea OR with a glass of bubbly. XO- MJ

  3. LOVE these little desserts MaryJo! They’re such a perfect size for a dinner party, and your presentation is beautiful! Thanks for the great idea and the tips!

    1. Thanks so much Barbara. That means a lot to me coming from you since your table presentations are always impeccable. Thanks for the visit. XO- MJ

      1. Stephanie Fries says:

        I make my brownies in cupcake pans. That might make your beautiful desserts a little easier to make without wasting one tasty morsel.

  4. Cara says:

    You thought of it all Mary Jo. I had wondered about the scraps, but you solved the question. Nice tip about the milk, I did not know this. Thank you for sharing. They sound and look delicious!

    1. Yea the parfait make an awesome left over dessert. Just as good as the brownie stacks. XO- MJ

  5. Pixybrat says:

    Not only replacing the water in recipes with milk, but replacing the oil with butter also makes for a VERY rich and homemade taste with cakes and other boxes desserts. I also add an extra egg for cake mixes. Milk, butter and extra egg with any boxed cake mix=homemade flavor! This recipe is a keeper! I’ll be trying it very soon, thanks!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I will be trying that for sure and it totally makes sense. Thanks so much! XO- MJ

  6. What a lovely dessert! Thank you for sharing with Food Friday #28!

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