crowning glory mantel styling

Do you celebrate the epiphany? I grew up in a Latin household and Los Reyes Magos was a big thing in our house. I have continued the tradition with my own family. A crowning glory mantel styling is set in the living room to honor the three kings.

crowning glory mantel

It’s a simple styling with my collection of crowns lining the mantel with some flickering candles. I like it simple. It’s January. Things have slowed down. Holiday decor is put away. There’s a minimalist sensibility floating around. Simple is good this time of year.

crowning glory mantel

what is the Epiphany?

The epiphany or Three Kings Day is when the wise men reach the birth of Christ. It is the revelation of God incarnate as Jesus Christ and is celebrated with a Christian feast.

crowning glory mantel

For the new readers, this post {happy epiphany} gives you a little insight into our tradition. The epiphany is when I remove the Christmas holiday decor from our home and start the new year with a clean slate. This crowning glory mantel design is my first decor of the year.

mantel decor

a crown collection

The crown mantel styling was inspired by this beautiful piece from Terrain, which was a Christmas gift from my daughter. When she saw it on my Christmas list, she asked “why do you want a crown?” Followed by “you deserve one, I’m just wondering.” Lol. I actually want it as a candle ring, but I am not opposed to wearing it through the house.

crown decor

I have accumulated a few crowns, which made me realize I formally own a collection. As I always say, items displayed in mass create a bigger impact. I usually have them displayed in different places throughout the house, but I brought them together as a crowning glory for the three kings celebration while they visit the Christ child.

crowning glory mantel

The different sizes, colors and materials keep the styling interesting, even though they are all essentially the same item. I also used books to add height and texture. Although the mantel design is fairly simple, it holds a lot of meaning.

crowning glory mantel

crowning glory mantel design

I was inspired to decorate the mantel to honor the Epiphany celebration, but it will remain for a few weeks, until I start changing things for the St. Valentine’s holiday and spring beyond that.

crowning glory mantel

I’ll be putting all of Christmas away over the next few days, which always makes the house feel hollow. This sparseness and calm always opens doors to new ideas, projects and designs. I am looking forward to sharing it all here throughout the year.

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I love how the candles, both real and faux, sparkle and shine against the glitzy crowns. Candles, lanterns, and twinkle lights are so important during these darker days of the year. I actually have an upcoming post all about adding warmth to our homes with lights.

do your holidays linger longer?

Have you taken down your Holiday decor or are you in the camp to enjoy it as long as you can? I am ready for the simplicity.

crown decorations

I know many folks are done the day after Christmas or their particular holiday, but I do enjoy basking in the aftermath. Afterwards, all the work is done, the stress comes off, and I can simply enjoy all the prettiness.

Now I am ready though. How about you? Let me know in the comments. I am always fascinated by the different customs and traditions everyone follows.

crowning glory mantel

“We three kings of Orient are. Bearing gifts we traverse afar. Field and fountain, moor and mountain. Following yonder star.”

John Henry Hopkins Jr.

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  1. Barbara at Mantel and Table says:

    That is so beautiful MaryJo! A perfect transition from Christmas, and it’s wonderful to celebrate the Three Wise Men. When my kids were little, we did a sort of advent-type thing following the wise men’s journey – I’ve always loved that part of the story! Thanks for the lovely decor inspiration – I might have to put a crown on my Christmas list next year! 🙂 Happy 2023!

    1. Thanks so much Barbara! Yes we all deserve to have crowns in my opinion. 🙂💫 XO- MJ

  2. debracommonground says:

    Oh MaryJo, this is so beautiful and I love how you’ve tied it to the Three Wise Kings! I’m featuring this post on All About Home Monday evening. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks so much Debra. 3 Kings is so special to me since it ties my roots to my own family now. This was a fun project. Thanks for the feature friend! XO- MJ

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