enchanted mushroom wintry forest tablescape

Mushrooms are magical and enchanting, adding a touch of fantasy to their surroundings. This mushroom wintry forest tablescape creates a fascinating setting.

enchanted mushroom wintry forest tablescape

I love how the table has the rustic, whimsical vibes from the mushroom woodsy details, but then mixed with the table setting finery. It creates a wonderful and playful table to enjoy during the long winter months.

inspiration for a mushroom tablescape

My fascination for mushrooms has brought me a curated collection, which you can read all about here {my fascination with mushrooms | fungi |toadstools}. The woodsy mushrooms set a great winter forest down the table, mixed with mossy accents and wooden pieces.

It’s a great little winter reprieve from the cold, the frost, the precipitation and long days. A little bit of whimsy and fantasy keeps us all a little bit younger.

table details of the mushroom tablescape


The center of the table is grounded with a thick cotton table runner with a mustard bouquet design. The runner is lined with an assortment of mushrooms in urns and cloches and pedestals, skipping down the table.

A mini pine cone garland wraps around the mushrooms adding to the woodsy feels. Scattered around are mossy accents, branches and more mini pine cones.

In between all the woodland details are smokey amber votive candles. The candle light adds more magic to the fantasy-like setting. Flickering lights always add a layer of enchantment.

Place Setting

Each place setting starts with moss chargers, which you can learn how to make yourself here {moss chargers DIY}. Then a Lenox Citation Lace dinner plate is followed by a Limoges accent plate and topped off with a Lenox Citation Lace bowl.

The crown of the plate stack are Maison d’ Hermine napkins wrapped in a wooden napkin ring. I love the ornate, regal pattern of the napkins with the rustic wood. It matches the mix and match of the rustic woodsy feels with the fine table top refinery.

The glassware includes etching and gold trimmed details, which always speak to me. The gold plays nicely with the mustard and amber hues in the centerpiece. Assorted horn Laguiole flatware adds another layer of organic, rustic feels, bringing it all together.

more mushroom goodness

On the sideboard there are persevered mushroom stems in the frame wreath. Remember this project {easy frame wreath tutorial} and then I added the basket {springing into summer with a frame wreath}. These mushroom stems are from Terrain, which is a great resource for mushroom accents, in case you get bit by the bug .

I hope you enjoyed the contrast of this enchanted winter forest scene to the cold, blustery and wet weather out there. California has had record breaking rain, which is fantastic, since we need the rain, we just don’t need it all at once. Our small town has had flooding, downed trees, mud slides, resulting in road closures and much property damage.

I tend to be a homebody, preferring to stay home, and this type of weather just seals the deal for me. I rather create a magical scene for our family and friends to enjoy around our table at home.

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“Mushrooms grow in damp places. That’s why they are shaped like an umbrella.”

Alphonse Allias

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  1. Rachel says:

    I love this table so much!! How adorable!! What a unique way to set a table in the middle of winter. I love the pinecones running down the middle. Beautiful colors!!

    1. Thanks so much Rachel. Happy new year. XO- MJ

  2. Lovely table Mary Jo. Love the winter theme using mushrooms and pine ones. I am with you regarding being a homebody, especially in rainy weather. We are getting lots of rain, thankfully no flooding here. Happy New Year.

    1. Thanks Linda! I’m glad to hear you don’t have any flooding. Fortunately our home is ok but there ar so many stories of flooding and downed trees and mudslides. But we need the rain. Thanks for stopping by. XO- MJ

  3. Hi MaryJo,

    Just found your blog through the Hearth and Soul blog link up. That’s a lovely tablescape! I too have a thing for mushrooms. I often doodle them when I’m bored. Love you blog 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Georgina! I’m so happy you like the table design. It was fun. I don’t know what it is about mushrooms but glad to hear I’m not the only one. Thanks for stopping by. XO- MJ

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