I’ve been wanting to do an Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” vignette for Halloween for a few years now. BUT I did not have the pièce de résistance. But, viola, I found it earlier this year; remember this? So I finally completed my vision. This was really fun to put together. I printed the bannerContinue reading “nevermore”

halloween tablescape fun

We’re in full swing Halloween decorating over here so I made a fun kitchen table for the family. The kids love all the holiday fun of course {& so does mom}. You can see my earlier version in the year & inspiration here. The outside of the house is 1/2 done. The inside of theContinue reading “halloween tablescape fun”

touches of halloween

I have not broken out all the Halloween bins yet. But the kids keep asking. Specifically my son, aka Master M. He loves traditions & holidays. And I love that he loves that. So I’ve been sprinkling little Halloween touches, here…and…there. But he’s most interested in the outside freak show. I informed him today itContinue reading “touches of halloween”

happy all hallow’s eve

So it’s a cold, gloomy, rainy day around here.  Perfect for Halloween! Of course I waited for  today to take pictures outside so it’s a little dark and wet.  As you walk up to our porch there’s a skeleton on the church pew who greets you and we’ve counted down the days on the chalkboardContinue reading “happy all hallow’s eve”

halloween spookiness

So the weather has finally turned a bit around here which helps set the mood for a fall-halloween-harvest feel. Unfortunately I’m not totally done with our Halloween decorating and of course I have way too many ideas of things I want to do, create, craft….. So I’m sharing some of my Pinterest inspiration. I wantContinue reading “halloween spookiness”

happy hallow’s eve

Busy, busy day.  It started with Halloween parade at Lexi’s elementary school followed later on by classroom party at lunch and topped off with block party in our neighborhood and we can’t forget the amazing trick or treating to wrap it all up.  It was awesome and perfect but i. am. e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d !!! We leaveContinue reading “happy hallow’s eve”

happy haunting

Well, we had a fun filled happy Halloween weekend. It started on Friday with Lexi’s 1st grade class party (here she is w/ her friend Emma) Followed by a mid morning Halloween school parade (Lexi was a pink cheerleader from beginning to end while Sebastian chose to be general grievous from Star Wars at schoolContinue reading “happy haunting”

yes, halloween happened

Already, BUT I’m just getting to post about it now.  My ghouls consisted of PINK Supergirl and Captain Commander Rex (from Star Wars the Clone Wars – for those of you who don’t keep up with this sort of thing or don’t live with a boy between the ages of 5 – 9).     Here isContinue reading “yes, halloween happened”