fall porch 2015

{before i get into the post i want to apologize ahead of time for the harsh shadows.  I took the pictures in full sun but I wanted to get it done today since I’ll be gone all weekend with Miss M} I thought I would share the fall porch before the ghouls & goblins takeContinue reading “fall porch 2015”

touches of halloween

I have not broken out all the Halloween bins yet. But the kids keep asking. Specifically my son, aka Master M. He loves traditions & holidays. And I love that he loves that. So I’ve been sprinkling little Halloween touches, here…and…there. But he’s most interested in the outside freak show. I informed him today itContinue reading “touches of halloween”

glass cloche vignette ~ fall

So not too long ago I shared with you a vignette I pulled together with a variety of glass cloches. You can view the late summer version here. I’m thinking it would be fun to do a series throughout the year; through the seasons & different holidays. So I created a fall vignette. I usedContinue reading “glass cloche vignette ~ fall”

ice cream | hot bevvy station

I’ve mentioned a few times now how the weather here has remained crazy hot for the most part. But we have a few days where it cooled off a bit. And we get a bit of a chill early & late in the day sometimes. So during this transitional phase I morphed our summer iceContinue reading “ice cream | hot bevvy station”

welcome first day of fall

Today marks the autumnal equinox. I’ve been adding fall touches here and there. Although it’s hard in northern California where the temps are still high. There’s been a few days where the temperature stayed in the 70s. Perfect fall weather. But way too many days in the 100 degree neighborhood. I’m ready for crisp, fallContinue reading “welcome first day of fall”

dollar tree pumpkin upcycle | make-overs

I haven’t used orange pumpkins in my fall decor for a few years now. So I thought I would take some cheap-o, orange, styrofoam pumpkins from the dollar tree and give them a make-over in my favorite looks. I started with this. Purdy, huh? I did like the price tag though. I’m not going toContinue reading “dollar tree pumpkin upcycle | make-overs”

good-bye summer…hello fall

School is back in session. Labor day has come & gone, shutting down the door on summer firmly. I’ve tried to get into an autumnal festive spirit, but this northern California weather with temps over 100 degrees has made it challenging… ..but let me back up a bit. Our summer ended in grand fashion &Continue reading “good-bye summer…hello fall”

container gardening & old chairs

I love container gardening. In my professional job before starting a family I was the marketing director for one of the largest pottery importers|distributors in the United States. It was fun selecting the styles & sizes to import and actually designing some styles for the factories to create.  I still see some of the designsContinue reading “container gardening & old chairs”

glass cloche vignette ~ late summer

I’m working on a few projects over here, but they are all mid stream. I’m hoping to share soon. In the meantime I thought I would share a late summer vignette I threw together. Summer is flying by and back to school chatter is starting to fill my brain. My sea shells and sea coralContinue reading “glass cloche vignette ~ late summer”