hot cocoa | coffee station inspiration

So during my regular blog hopping routine last week I was totally inspired by Dear Lillie’s “time for coffee/hot cocoa station…” post.  I don’t have a beautiful sideboard like Jennifer does, but I created our own little hot drink station slice of heaven. I used our marble lazy susan and assembled all the things weContinue reading “hot cocoa | coffee station inspiration”

goodbye november

So Fall has come & gone and it is officially winter wonderland time.  Here are the things our family was grateful for this Thanksgiving season: We all picked something we’re thankful for although when we read them they really apply to the whole family.  This is the order they are written: Maryjo, Lexi, Sebi &Continue reading “goodbye november”

when life gives you lemons….

Make lemonade {which I plan to make today} Make roasted lemon chicken {which I made last night} Make lemon cheesecake {which hopefully I’ll make this weekend} But our tree overfloweth and I need more recipes {of course I haven’t googled yet or anything} Our tree is going crazy {which I love & not complaining byContinue reading “when life gives you lemons….”

lexi’s sleepover

So we finally, Finally had Lexi’s birthday sleepover.  Yes, her birthday is in June and we had celebrated in Idaho (remember this), but I had also promised her a sleepover with her Montair BFFs from kinder.  We didn’t want to have it during the height of the summer ‘cuz everyone’s traveling and busy so weContinue reading “lexi’s sleepover”

tomAto, tomaato….

Here we are towards the tail end of September and my garden is still going nuts with tomatoes.  I love this California growing season!  This picture is from a couple of weeks ago.  This week I had an overflowing basket of the plum tomatoes & I just can’t keep up.  I’m not into canning…(yet)…so it’sContinue reading “tomAto, tomaato….”