summertime entertaining

Summertime entertaining relaxes the tempo with its air of casualness, which often includes outdoor spaces.  I love eating al fresco, while enjoying the beauty of nature all around.  It adds a layer of leisureliness and reduces stress factors which is much needed in this era of technology and immediate gratification. A few weeks ago weContinue reading “summertime entertaining”

on the menu ~ milanesas

We can all relate to the wonderful feeling comfort food evokes in all of us.  For me, milanesas is one of those things that brings back many memories of  family meals from my youth. This exact meal, chicken milanesas with mashed potatoes and a tomato salad, is the ultimate comfort meal for me.  And IContinue reading “on the menu ~ milanesas”

great spring table setting idea

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter surrounded with loved ones.  We hosted at home with just intimate family, which was low key and a wonderful family bonding experience.  Today I am sharing the great spring table setting idea we used. I wanted to share what I did at everyone’s place settings for our easterContinue reading “great spring table setting idea”

spring fling tablescape

It’s raining like crazy around here but it doesn’t prevent me from dreaming about spring.  And preparing for spring.  And bringing spring into the house. I am super ready to decorate for spring and bring some freshness into our home.  We’re less than a week away from the “official” spring season and about 2-1/2 weeksContinue reading “spring fling tablescape”

on the menu ~ roasted pork loin

I wanted to share this easy yet super yummy recipe for roasted pork loin which I cook with potatoes, apples and onions. I don’t know about you but I love the one dish recipes.  love, Love, LOVE.  Especially during the week.  It’s way easier to put together and much easier to clean up. As IContinue reading “on the menu ~ roasted pork loin”

the hustle and bustle of the season

I’ve been wanting to share so much with you but I’ve been b.u.s.y ! Which I know of you can relate to. I am mostly done with decorating the house inside & out, which I give a few glimpses in this post but will share in more detail real soon. I also finished ourContinue reading “the hustle and bustle of the season”

farmhouse truck | woodie christmas tablescape

In Christmas decorating, one of the hot trends going for sometime now are the farmhouse pick up trucks with Christmas trees sticking out of the bed in the back or the old fashion wooden station wagons with a tree tied to the roof. I’ve seen it on ornaments, pillows, table top, decor, you name it…Continue reading “farmhouse truck | woodie christmas tablescape”

thanksgiving tablescape thoughts

Thanksgiving is creeping up on us and will be here before we know it.  I’m not trying to stress you out.  Really.  Actually quite the opposite.  I’m sharing some tables and thoughts I have from past thanksgivings which will hopefully help you and | or inspire you for your own Thanksgiving celebration. I’m in theContinue reading “thanksgiving tablescape thoughts”

pear inspired tablescape

So I’ve been thinking about a Thanksgiving tablescape for this year, and it got me thinking to all the entertaining my parents did when I was young, which got me thinking about their china, which II have inherited and seldom use…  Yup, my brain bounces around quite a bit, and I’m quite sure I’m notContinue reading “pear inspired tablescape”

green & black halloween tablescape

Our veggie garden is done for the season; when I was out in the garden last, seeing everything dead it just seemed so eerie, which evoked a feeling of something right out of a haunted movie. Then I spied the huge rosemary shrub that survives through every winter.  it’s still the same plant we plantedContinue reading “green & black halloween tablescape”