{TIMELY} my one little word for 2016

{Timely} ~ that’s the word I chose for 2016;  my one, little word.


I’m a full blown procrastinator.
And although I wait until the last minute to do something, Anything, I usually DO get it done.  But it causes me undue stress to scramble at the last minute to get it done.   AND I always wonder could II have done a better job had I done it with more time and less stress?


Sooooo, II’m trying to change my evil ways.
I started the year off well, being very proactive about things, but I see myself slowly slipping into old patterns & habits.


I was being very good and instead of thinking about something I needed to get done & putting it on my to do list for a later time, I was picking up the phone, or filling out the paperwork, or organizing whatever needed to be addressed at the moment.
It was going well, but lately more and more I’m having those panic attacks in the middle of the night about everything I haven’t addressed or the deadline I’m not sure I met or the whatever I put aside and didn’t attend to when I should have.


Soooo, since I never put my one word commitment on paper this year I thought I would do it now to get back on track.
I’m hoping this brings more peace into my life & household.


If I’m conscious to keep doing it throughout the year, I’m hoping that by the time the clocks turn towards 2017 it will have become my habit.  I won’t even need to think about it but rather just do it.
Happy Life !
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  1. Carol Cook says:

    It is so easy to get off track. I find that putting things out there in blogland makes me follow through.
    I hope this works for you – thanks for sharing!

  2. Sherry says:

    Great art and a good word! Thanks for sharing at HSH!

  3. thanks sherry. love stopping by hsh & sharing! xo- mj

  4. thanks carol. it’s so true! then you feel accountable. xo- mj

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