thrifted goodies – using vintage linen pieces to make a table runner

Welcome to the next installment of thrifted goodies. Today I am sharing a collection of vintage linens, and how I used small table toppers, doilies and the like to form a vintage linen table runner down the center of a special table scape for Valentine’s day.

thrifted linens

Rachel is also sharing the next Thrifted Goodies Vol. 7 @ The Antique Journey so make sure to visit her blog. If you do not know Rachel yet, please pop over to her place and introduce yourself. Rachel always has great thrift shopping inspiration and you don’t want to miss her post.

thrifted goodies volume 7

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collecting vintage linens

Through the years I have amassed a collection of vintage linens. I am always drawn to delicate, lacy, embroidered pieces. I only bring home the ones in neutral colors. There’s some beautiful and colorful embroideries out there too, but I prefer the whites and creams and soft colors.

embroidered linens

At first I just picked oversized doilies to use in the center of my kitchen table or in a vignette. Then I started to pick up smaller pieces, which truth be told I do not use often.

linen collection

So I thought it would be fun to create a table runner using different pieces. I used a similar process to create this runner from sheet music pages {Valentines Day tablescape}.

valentine’s day tablescape

I would love to create a runner by sewing all my pieces together , but I’m not ready to fully commit just yet. This way I was able to accomplish the look but all my pieces remain individual for other uses.

thrifted linens

how to create a vintage linen runner

I simply laid all the different linens down the middle of the table in different directions, overlapping slightly.

vintage linen runner

I started at both ends of the table with the largest pieces. This way they could hang over the edge of the table, but still remain grounded on the table and not fall off.

vintage linens

Then I started overlapping pieces going down both sides of the table until they met in the middle. As I did this I used different angles in placement and selected different sized and color pieces to keep it interesting.

how to create table runner from vintage linens

I played with the composition for a bit until I like how everything laid together. Don’t be scared to moved stuff around if you don’t like how it looks.

vintage linen table runner

thrifted vintage linen table runner for a Valentine’s day table styling

The delicate vintage thrifted linens are the perfect backdrop for a dreamy Valentine’s tablescape. I love all the delicate details.

Come back tomorrow to see all the details for this Valentine’s day tablescape {a guide to setting a red & neutral Valentine’s day table}. This vintage linen table runner was the perfect muse to inspire the table design.

I love how all the different styles, colors and shapes come together to form one unified design.

more thrifting inspiration

Now do not forget to visit Rachel @ The Antiqued Journey, if you haven’t already. You don’t want to miss out on her thrift goodies – volume 7 post.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

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  1. Rachel says:

    Wow!!! I LOVE that!! Genius. Your linens are so pretty…I too have been collecting them for years though mine are more on the colorful side. I just have to save all of them! And…are those goblets milk glass?!?! I NEED THEM!! Where did you find those?! Amazinggggg MJ!!!!

    1. Hi Rachel!!! I can’t wait to see all your linens. I bet they are beautiful. Yes those are reproduction milk glass I found at Tuesday Morning years ago. I actually looked at them on various shopping excursions until I bit the bullet and got them. I think they were $2-3 each. They are my water goblets for so many tablescapes. I’ll post this table tomorrow. Happy thrifting friend! XO- MJ

  2. Hi MaryJo! First, I have a terrible weakness for old linens. I love the idea you shared of creating a table runner from different Thank you for sharing your thrifted finds with us.

    1. I know! Right? Thanks for popping by. XO- MJ

  3. I LOVE this idea! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen

    1. Thanks so Kathleen! I’m glad you liked it. XO- MJ

    2. Congrats, friend! I’m featuring you tomorrow morning on the next Vintage Charm party! xo Kathleen

      1. Thanks so much Kathleen! Will be heading over in a little bit. XO- MJ

  4. Kathy A says:

    What a great idea! I love old linens, too–neutral and colorful. AND I have a SEVERE addiction to milk glass. Your goblets looked so nice with the crocheted edges and embroidery!

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