thrifted goodies – a patriotic table scape with pretty vintage dishes

Hello friends!  Welcome to the next installment of thrifted goodies! The 4th of July Holiday is fast approaching and while thrift store shopping I found these vintage dishes to adorn the perfect patriotic table scape in the most subtle of ways.

patriotic table scape with vintage dishes

The Thrifted Goodies series consists of monthly posts where Rachel from the Antiqued Journey and I share thrift store goodness. Topics might include particular finds, tips, techniques and general advice about thrift shopping in general. I list additional thrifting goodness at the end of this post for your further reading pleasure.

Rachel always finds amaZing pieces, and you don’t want to miss her summer thrifted finds. If you don’t know Rachel yet, you’re in for a treat. Make sure to hop over and introduce yourself. Her post Thrifted Goodies – Volume 12 is full of summer goodness.

summer thrifted goodies
thrifted goodies 12

In keeping with the summertime theme, I found these sweet vintage dishes while thrift shopping recently, and they just whispered 4th of July vibes to me in a very subtle manner. Although I resisted these pretty plates, and I really don’t need any more dishes, they somehow ended in my basket and came home with me.

patriotic table scape with vintage dishes

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the thrift store dance

So, the truth is, I picked up these pretty plates and put them back on the shelf like three or maybe more times. I always preach to grab anything you want right away while thrift store shopping. This way nobody else can scoop it up while you have the “should I or shouldn’t I?” debate in your head. Well, I wasn’t following that rule this particular day.

patriotic table scape with vintage dishes

Actually, if somebody else scooped them up, then it simply made the decision for me, taking the pressure off. The plates were priced @ $1.99 each, which was more than I wanted to pay for thrifted dishes, which I don’t necessarily need. But… as I was swinging back around for the 2nd or 3rd time these dishes were still sitting all pretty on the shelf softly whispering to me.

patriotic table scape with vintage dishes

4th of July tables tend to be casual and many times outdoors, which doesn’t necessarily scream for fine china. But I just got this crazy bee in my bonnet to want to set a fancy Independence Day table with these dainty dishes. So it was meant to be and they made it home with me. I actually have a few projects in mind for these pretties.

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let’s talk about the dishes

The dishes are a Noritake pattern called Chanrose, which is a discontinued pattern. Noritake is a Japanese company, which in the early 1900s started to mass produce china influenced by Western design to provide more affordable alternatives. This pattern was produced around 1917, which technically would make them “antique” I guess.

Noritake Chanrose

I call these appetizers plates although they are categorized as bread and butter plates on Replacements. The plates measure 6-1/2 inches, which are slightly larger than the bread & butter plates I am accustomed to. And although the $1.99 price tag was more than I wanted to spend, from my searches on Etsy, eBay and Replacements, I got a really good deal. The dishes are in great condition with no chips or cracks.

the patriotic table scape with vintage dishes details

The table has a very neutral, all over tone, but still provides a nod to the birthday of our nation. The holiday theme details are very subtle, making this table design adaptable to many celebrations, holidays and seasons. For today, we are calling it a patriotic table design with sweet vintage dishes.

patriotic table scape with vintage dishes

Plate Stack details

  • Charger: Distressed Cream from Hobby Lobby
  • Dinner plate: Lenox Citation Lace – wedding registry
  • Accent | Side plate: Lenox Citation Lace – wedding registry
  • Appetizer plate: Noritake Chanrose – thrifted
patriotic table scape with vintage dishes

The place settings are neutral, letting the pretty thrifted dishes be the stars of the show. The blueish band with the redish roses brings in the red, white and blue vibes in a very soft and subtle manner, which I love.

patriotic table scape with vintage dishes

Plate Setting details

  • Glassware: Perigord style champagne flutes, thrifted wine goblets, antique gold rimmed aperitif glasses
  • Flatware: Camusso Portofino Sterling Silver
  • Tablecloth: Williams Sonoma White Linen Double Hemstitch
  • Napkins: White Monogrammed Cotton
patriotic table scape with vintage dishes

The Sterling Silver set was my parents, which was a wedding gift for us, which I treasure dearly. The napkins were also my parents, containing their initials CD. I plan to pass these both down to one of the Masterpiece children someday.

patriotic table scape with vintage dishes

Centerpiece details

  • Vases: Ralph Lauren Glen Plaid High Ball Glasses – wedding registry
  • Flowers: White garden roses, stock and veronicastrum
  • Votives: Assorted, mismatched mercury glass
patriotic table scape with vintage dishes

I saw a blogging friend use her crystal drinking glasses as vases on a tablescape, and I thought it was a great idea. I wish I could remember who it was so I could give them credit here. If it’s you and you’re reading this let me know in the comments and I will update with a proper link. I kept the centerpiece simple and neutral as well.

patriotic table scape with vintage dishes

Style details

This table was set in honor of Independence Day, the 4th of July, our country’s birthday, but the only obvious detail are the place cards. The mini frames, which I also shared on this tablescape {breakfast at Tiffany’s brunch tablescape} provide the theme for the occasion.

patriotic table scape with vintage dishes

I would also of course argue that the sweet, vintage, thrifted dishes scream red, white and blue. I know it might be a stretch for some, but that’s how my vintage loving brain works. The only reason they came home from the thrift store with me was for this table design. A patriotic table with pretty vintage dishes makes me happy. Viola!

patriotic table scape with vintage dishes

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patriotic table scape with vintage dishes

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  1. That’s what’s so great about thrifting and decorating…it doesn’t have to ‘go’ with any particular theme. It all just works!!
    Your table is lovely, MJ!!
    Happy Summer!

    1. I know!! Thrifting always makes it fun! Thanks Rachel. XO- MJ

  2. Thanks Cindy. That’s so weird that there’s no good thrifting in NJ. XO- MJ

  3. Ann B says:

    I think is such a pretty table. The rose is the “national floral emblem,” so these plates are perfect for a 4th of July table. I love the mini frames.

    1. Thanks so much Ann! Oh, I love the National floral emblem factoid!!! Makes me feel even better about the dishes. Thank you for dropping by. XO- MJ

  4. Sarah says:

    Mary Jo, your plate stack is gorgeous. Your Catition Lace wedding china is exquisite. I also admire that you use tabletop pieces passed down from your family. I read something recently: “Memories are both our inheritance and our legacy, and physical objects are powerful things to evoke memory.” Family objects used on our tables are a beautiful way to invoke those memories and to make new ones.

    1. Thanks so much Sarah! I love, love that sentiment. Thanks for sharing. I will be using that in the future. XO- MJ

  5. Anna Price says:

    Hi MaryJo- You always amaze me with your talent and style. You definitely have a gift for seeing how thrifted items can be elevated to their highest and best use. Your patriotic table is absolutely beautiful! Very elegant and classy.

    1. Thanks Anna. That’s what I was going for, which is very different than the usual casual 4th of July tables. Thanks for dropping by friend. XO- MJ

  6. Kathy A says:

    I really enjoyed your tablescape. That combination of plates was just wonderful together. The red/white/blue was so very subtle. I would love to see the Noritake dishes on a blue tablecloth to see if the blue becomes more prominent. I love old dishes with pink (all shades of) roses and need to do something with them–they are stored in numerous boxes. Tea party, maybe?

    1. Thanks so much Kathy! Oh! A blue table cloth is a great idea. I made a note for next year. 🙂 Tea parties are always fun, I say go for it! XO- MJ

  7. Cara says:

    I love how you went back and forth with yourself in purchasing these lovely plates MaryJo. Sounds so like myself, it makes my husband groan. Ha! I am glad you picked up these pretties, they look lovely on your table. You are right, the 4th does seem to be more casual, but I am loving the more formal setting for the holidays! Hope you have a Happy 4th!

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