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Welcome to the next installment of “on a tray” blog tours. Today I am sharing a themed “tea on a tray” styling along with 19 other bloggers. Grab a cup of tea 😉, make yourself comfortable and look around at all the tea goodness.

tea on a tray tour

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Thank you to Katherine from Katherine’s Corner blog for organizing this amazing blog tour, providing inspiration from 20 different point of views. It’s truly inspirational and so much to look at and learn from everyone’s different styles. All the participating blogs are listed at the end of the post for you to enjoy at your leisure as you sip your cup of tea.

tea on a tray blog tour
Tea Time on a Tray

If you’re coming over from visiting Maria @ Simple Nature Decor, welcome. Maria has an amazing style and her tea on a tray does not disappoint. In case you missed it, the last tray tour was the winter wonderland tray. I will also list all the other tray tours at the end of the post for your convenience.

tea time

details of the tea tray

Since it’s a “tea” tray the star of the show is of course the tea pot. If you’re a regular around here, said pot might look familiar, since I just introduced her when I shared my latest thrift haul @ thrifted goodies – insights & inspiration. I gave her a good polish and she’s all set to go in her new party dress.

vintage silver tea pot

The silver plate tea pot was the perfect fit for my vintage tea tray styling. As we all say on repeat on these tray tours, trays are wonderful decorating vessels to corral a vignette and create a stylish decor accent design. I set the tray styling on our coffee table in the living room.

tea tray

I used my parent’s sterling silver tray which has an engraved monogram. Love! I absolutely love monograms, and I hope to some day get all my thoughts together to dedicate a post. In the meantime you can read about my parent’s sterling silver collection, which I now own here {metals II – sterling silver} and our {monogram gallery wall} here.

I styled the tea tray with a vintage, sophisticated vibe using our wedding china Lenox Citation Lace tea cups and Meridian Vase, which was also part of our wedding registry. I absolutely love the creamy Lenox finish with the gold trim.

Lenox Citation Lace Tea Cups

The crystal creamer and sugar bowl are also wedding engagement gifts from Waterford. We did not register for these but were gifted them anyway, and they coordinate with our wine goblets beautifully. I love using them every chance I get.

Tea time tray

thoughts about tea in general

Soooo, I am not a huge tea drinker although I indulge every once in a while. I have my decaf cappuccino most mornings, but tea is an infrequent occurrence for me. Although, I love indulging in the high tea experience on special occasions, I do not drink it regularly.

tea tray tour

What I do remember about tea drinking from my youth is pondering why you couldn’t drink tea with milk AND lemon. My mom would say that to my brother and I repeatedly (as she could foresee the future), and one day alone in a hotel room we looked at each other and commiserated about this quandary. Soooooo, as children do, we added milk and lemon to the tea.

tea time tray

And…. the milk separated and the tea looked disgusting. Wondering why I don’t drink tea frequently? Lol, only kidding. But lesson learned. Experiments are always a good learning tool.

tea traditions

On that note, I drink my tea two ways. I either drink it with milk and sugar OR with lemon and honey. SO I set my tea tray for indulging either way. I also added some nibbles to enjoy with tea. I made these chocolate covered wafers as I shared here {the best & easiest way to make chocolate covered strawberries}, placed in a pretty porcelain compote.

tea time

tea traditions

Tea time evokes a very formal affair to me. Not only tea, but foods, including scones and finger sandwiches. These traditions also tend to be enjoyed mostly by women.

tea tray

But I love to enjoy these indulgences in bed as well. Eating in bed, not because of illness, but for comfort and luxury is always a special treat.

tea time

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more tray inspiration

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“A cup of tea is a cup of peace.”

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  1. MaryJo,
    I loved that you used your parent’s silver tray….how wonderfully sentimental…I love to use family treasures in my displays too!! The Lenox tea cup are so elegant looking!! The whole presentation is just gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing!! I enjoyed “Touring” with you today…
    Debbie-Dabble Blog

    1. Thanks so much Debbie. These tray tours are always super fun. Thanks so much for popping by sweet friend. I’m heading your way right now! XO- MJ

  2. Denise/My Home of All Seasons says:

    Such a beautiful tray Mary Jo! I always look forward to your posts because you share so many special pieces and stories to go with them. I am not a tea drinker either but I’m a sucker for a pretty teapot & yours is gorgeous and what an amazing find! So happy to be touring with you today.

    1. Thanks so much Denise! That’s super sweet of you to say. These tray tours are always fun. Heading over your way. XO- MaryJo

  3. Cecilia says:

    MaryJo, your tea service is gorgeous–what a wonderful find! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

    1. Thanks Cecilia. You know all to well, there’s the thrill of the hunt and then the euphoria of the find. Fun touring with you today. XO- MJ

  4. Rachel says:

    Wow! How fun that you are the caretaker of all your parent’s silver! That monogrammed tray is so lovely. You did such a beautiful job of creating an elegant tray. So fun hopping with you, friend!!

    1. Thanks so much Rachel! Yes, their silver is super special to me. Have a great day. XO- MJ

  5. Melynda says:

    Lovely. You can never go wrong using a family piece, they always add just the right amount of “polish” to the project!

    1. Thanks Melynda. I have so many family pieces and I love using them all the time. XO- MJ

  6. Your tea tray is elegant and classic MaryJo, you have captured the refinement of the high tea ritual! Such a cute story about your childhood memory of milk and lemon. I’m not a tea drinker either, but I love the idea of setting aside a special time each day for relaxing with a special tea and a sweet treat. Your beautiful Lenox china is perfect for this sophisticated tea on a tray~

    1. Thank you so much Jenna. It’s fun to see everyone’s take on the tour and I absolutely loved your tray. Thanks for the visit. XO- MJ

  7. MaryJo, it was so nice to see your beautiful silver tran and teapot and the Lenox china. You really struck a chord as I used many of the same elements. Great minds and all that. LOL. Such a pleasure to use family heirlooms as they recall so many wonderful memories. Have a great week.

    1. Yes Lynn! So many similarities. Love it. Your tray really spoke to me. Thanks for the visit. XO- MJ

  8. mhhwarmcozy says:

    MaryJo, your silver tea set has me remembering the neighbor who we called Auntie Vi, Vi lived across the street where I grew up. Her set was on a table in the front entrance hall. It always was polished and in good condition. I just loved walking into the house to see it. This is a lovely memory I was able to relive because of your tea setup!

    Thanks, and happy spring,

    1. Awww, I’m glad I was able to help you relive a good memory. I’m all about nostalgia. I can’t promise my silver will always be polished & sparkly tho. Lol. XO- MJ

  9. NikiLEOwife says:

    This is an absolutely beautiful tea tray! I love monograms as well. Of course, I kind of have to being a Southern Belle lol. We have to monogram even our children. The tray and the tea pot are gorgeous! Pinned. Happy touring with you!
    Niki | Life as a LEO Wife

    1. Thanks so much Niki. That’s funny about monogramming your kids. Fun touring with you today. XO- MJ

  10. How gorgeous! I love all your silver pieces. Now I want to go polish up the set we inherited from my in-laws! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

    1. Thanks so much Shelley! I like the silver polished but I also love crusty tarnished pieces I find at thrift stores and flea markets. Fun touring with you today. XO- MJ

  11. Your tray is exceptional. Truly elegant, and a beautiful extension of your exquisite style.Thank you for joining in the fun. Pinned! xo

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Katherine. I truly appreciate all the work and effort you put into these fun tray tours. Thanks for stopping by friend! XO- MJ

  12. Oh my goodness, such elegance and beauty with your silver tea set. I love you crystal creamer and sugar bowl that you received as a wedding present. Gorgeous.

    1. Thanks so much Maria. I appreciate your kind words. Thank you for the visit. XO- MJ

  13. Christie says:

    Love your tea tray! Coming over from Katherine’s Corner

    1. Thank you. It was a fun project to put together. XO- MJ

  14. decorativeinspirationsgmailcom says:

    MaryJo, You have styled such a beautiful tea tray. I love the vintage charm. The Lenox and Waterford work so nicely together. Been fun hopping with you. Have a wonderful week.- meagan

    1. Thanks so much Meagan. Yes, it’s fun to pull out the fancy. Always fun to tour with you. XO- MJ

  15. MaryJo,
    Your tea tray is so beautiful. I too love monogramed pieces. I don’t think they do much of that anymore. Such a shame. Your Lenox dishes are lovely. I am a strong tea drinker and tea time in bed, is always nice.

    1. Thanks so much Bev. Yes any treat in bed is always a wonderful indulgence as long as you’re not sick. Thanks for the visit. XO- MJ

  16. Sarah says:

    MaryJo, your sterling tea tray sets the stage for your elegant tea time. Every detail speaks of classic style. I’m so happy to find your blog. I love sterling and monograms, so I’m off to visit your links. Happy Teatime!

  17. I absolutely love your parents’ silver tray. The shape is exquisite and the size is perfect. The tea pot is gorgeous and would elevate any vignette it is used with. I love that you used your wedding china and crystal presents. Use and enjoy the good stuff!!

  18. Chloe Crabtree says:

    You captured my attention from my first glimpse of that gorgeous teapot! Wow, that is so very lovely! You are so fortunate to have that beautiful silver tray from your parents to use and enjoy! What lovely treasures!

  19. Cara says:

    Love your tea tray styled MaryJo! It always makes my heart go pitter patter when I get to use items from my family too! Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us.

    1. Thanks so much Cara. Yes I love pulling out all the fancy, new & old. We cant take it with us so might as well use it. XO- MJ

  20. Myrna says:

    What a beautiful tea tray. Brings back memories. My grandmother had a mysterious pantry with green tea back in the 1940’s (and maybe before). I am not a big tea fan but love rooibus tea. How can you not feel better looking at something so elegant ? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much Myrna! XO- MJ

  21. It’s so pretty! And how special that the tray has your parents’ monogram!! I LOVE IT!!

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