how to decorate for Halloween with a Skeleton Crew

Hello friends. Happy October! Decorating for Halloween is so fun, allowing us to let our inner child out to play. If you’re a Halloween decorator, then this post is for you. Today I am sharing how to decorate for halloween with a skeleton crew inspiration. Skeletons, skulls and bones are all great muses for halloweenContinue reading “how to decorate for Halloween with a Skeleton Crew”

bone appetit table scape

Halloween is fast approaching and this bone appetit table design is the perfect setting for a fun dinner with family & friends. It’s a simple design with a bony theme and a black and white color palette.

halloween vibes

Wishing everyone the best Halloween possible! I only really decorated outside this year for the benefit of all the neighbors’ littles up & down the street.  I do have some detailed touches inside but nothing like years past. It’s partly do to the fact that my kiddos are older; also partly due to the factContinue reading “halloween vibes”