faded blooms then & now

These faded blooms brought me back to my wedding day. My husband bought me these roses from the farmer’s market a couple of weeks ago. So let me share that roses aren’t my favorite blooms.  When I do choose roses I gravitate to the whites|creams and yellows. But these roses made me smile because theyContinue reading “faded blooms then & now”

spring has sprung

So we just got back from a week in paradise. This was our daily view.  Not bad huh? And when we got home we realized it had been gorgeous around these parts as well. Our Bradford pear trees in the backyard are in full bloom! We have 5 that line the back fence in theContinue reading “spring has sprung”

gloom blooms

I’m chasing away the gloom with fresh blooms. It’s been rainy & gray around here, which I’m not complaining about at all since we desperately need the water. This pop of yellow in the kitchen brings some much needed sunshine. My lawn is green again, which makes me smile. BUT inside our home it startedContinue reading “gloom blooms”