unique father’s day gift

Father’s day is less than a week away. I thought I’d share a handmade gift i made for my husband years and years ago. To give you perspective my kids are now a tween & a teen. Yup, a long time ago, but I love to look at creative mementos like this all the time.Continue reading “unique father’s day gift”

lucky banner for st. patrick’s day 2016

Happy Saint Patrick’s day. I was inspired by the holiday to create this lucky banner. As I shared here there’s no Irish in our family in any direction (that we are aware of anyway) but I still love to celebrate life! I created a little vignette on my mother’s secretary hutch to be in theContinue reading “lucky banner for st. patrick’s day 2016”

the season of love

Yes, love is in the air. I just dug out my valentine’s decor, which isn’t much, since we’re always away at our timeshare over the valentine’s day holiday. We weren’t able to go last year so I had a little valentine’s fun, which you can see here. One of the things I did find wasContinue reading “the season of love”