simple early fall decor styling using pine cone and vintage milk glass

pine cone & milk glass fall decor styling

Let me show you a super easy way to transition between seasons. Remember the summer vignette I shared a month ago using seashells and milk glass {seashell vignette styled in the foyer}? Well, I simply replaced the seashells with pine cones and created an early Fall styling in the foyer. It’s a super simple way to transition decor between seasons.

pine cone & milk glass fall decor vignette

an easy way to transition seasonal decor

An easy way to transition between seasons is by simply changing the seasonal accents and keeping the neutral items the same. This keeps seasonal decorating easy, simple and stress free. Let me show you how I created this pine cone & milk glass fall decor vignette.

pine cone & milk glass fall decor

A midsummer seashell and milk glass vignette in the foyer welcomed our friends and family into our home. I simply replaced all the sea shells with pine cones, immediately changing the feeling the vignette creates and evokes. How easy is that?

pine cone & vintage milk glass fall decor

I also changed out the candle from a light and breezy aroma during the summer months to a more spiced scent for the upcoming season. This provides another seasonal sensory feeling to the vignette.

pine cone & vintage milk glass fall decor

simple & easy steps to transition a seasonal decor vignette

pine cone & milk glass fall decor
pine cone & milk glass fall decor
pine cone & milk glass fall decor

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pine cone & milk glass fall decor

other details about the pine cone & milk glass fall decor vignette

I love vintage milk glass, and I shared about these particular pieces here {thrifted goodies – hobnail & ruffle vintage milk glass}, which I styled here {seashell vignette styled in the foyer}. Instead of reinvented the wheel, I simply swapped out the seashells with pine cones to welcome the new season.

pine cone & vintage milk glass fall decor vignette

Pine cones are a go to around here from September through the end of January. I forage them where ever we go and it’s incredible to see how many different varieties nature creates. You can see how I use them in so many projects in this post {12 easy pine cone craft decor ideas for the season}.

autumn pine cone & vintage milk glass styling

I am ready for all things Fall! The temps were actually somewhat low, relatively speaking, for our climate. I’m not ready for sweaters or pumpkin spice quite yet, but I’m ready to start changing things up around here.

welcome fall

other fall stylings in the foyer

For more fall inspiration you can see our early fall foyer last year. If you follow the link to the post you will find more ideas.

early fall decorating ideas

This is what the foyer looked like deep into the season last year.

fall foyer styling

get the pine cone and milk glass fall decor look

“There is a time in the last few days of summer when the ripeness of autumn fills the air, and time is quiet and mellow.”

Rudolfo Anaya

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  1. MaryJo,
    Love the pine cones with the milk glass…I just shared in my last post how I have been collecting different pine cones from around our house and I baked them to get rid of the sap and any critters that may be living in them…It also causes them to open up bit more…I will be checking out you post on other pine cone crafts as i do have quite a few of them!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. I love to forage different pine cones Deb. I’m so glad your do too. We’ll have to exchange notes. XO- MJ

  2. Cara says:

    I have that same basket MaryJo, and my mother gave me a bunch of pine cones so I may need to drag them out and try some new decor around here. Milk glass is my favorite thing to collect, I was over the moon when my grandmother gave me the basket since it was her mother’s. I cherish those pieces given to me passed down over the generations. Hope you are having a good week!

  3. It’s all so pretty Mary Jo! I love pinecones too, bringing some nature indoors always adds more life and freshness to a space!

    1. Thanks Melanie! Yes organic decor is the best! XO- MJ

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