12 easy pine cone craft decor ideas for the season

‘Tis the season to start decorating, decking the halls and enjoying all the seasonal goodness. Here are 12 easy, and fabulous pine cone decor ideas and more for your Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season plus beyond.

pine cone decor ideas

Personally, I enjoy using organic items to decorate. This not only includes seasonal decor, but basic all year around decor as well. It can be simple items like a fresh bouquet of flowers to a boxwood orb to a grapevine wreath to a lovely house plant and so much more. I always love the immediate texture organic pieces inject into a space.

pine cone wreath

Pine cones are one of those foils I find super easy to use around the house in so many ways and depending on where you live you could probably extend them far beyond the holiday season. Today I’ll share with you 12 ways to decorate, craft and use pine cones in your home for a big seasonal impact.

easy pine cone decor ideas

1. Bowl Filler

The easiest way to use pine cones around your house is to pile them high in a bowl. There are so many different varieties of pine cones out there that you will get so many different looks depending on the type of pine cones you use and the display bowl you select.

pine cone tablescape
pine cone winter table decorations

Pine cones can easily be foraged all around, and I like to do so when we are visiting new places since chances are the pine cones will be of a different variety than what we find in our area. Of course you can purchase them at local craft stores, but the ones you find in nature tend to have more personality.

pine cone decor

Pine cones can be long, skinny, chunky, frosted, brown, dark tan, etc. I prefer to mix and match all the different varieties. Plus I also like to add seasonal touches like greenery, ornaments, pumpkins, etc.

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2. Trough | Dough Bowl filler

You can extend past basic bowls and fill large wooden troughs and dough bowls for a more rustic feel. My wooden dough bowl is a favorite of mine to decorate throught the different seasons.

pine cone dough bowl
5 easy ways to DIY pumpkins

I love to add other seasonal elements to compliment the pine cones like the hydrangeas and pumpkins above.

3. Crate Filler

Another piece I love to decorate seasonally is this European bulb crate. Here it’s piled high with pine cones, greenery and ornaments. Plus the battery operated candle makes all of it sparkle and shine.

pine cone crate decor

When I put the Christmas decorations away, I leave this crate simply with greenery and pine cones out throughout winter, leading into Valentine’s Day when I start to change things around.

4. Cloche Filler

Cloches are another great piece to fill with seasonal items, and pine cones are a great selection for this. You can place all similar pine cones in a cloche or mix an assortment of different kinds.

pine cone cloche decor
glass cloche vignette – fall

As they say, everything is more interesting under glass. Immediately these pine cones have more personality enclosed in the above cloche.

5. Lantern Filler

Beyond glass cloches, you can also put pine cones in glass lanterns. Once again I like to include additional seasonal items like these pumpkins.

For the Christmas holiday and beyond, I sometimes include faux snowballs with the pine cones. It’s a favorite look for the front porch.

6. Tiered Tray Filler

Tiered tray stylings are always great because they give you additional vertical space to decorate. Pine cones, pumpkins (real and faux) plus leaves are a great combination below.

pine cone seasoanl decor

This was our side board decor for Thanksgiving a few years ago. I think I might do something similar for Christmas this year.

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easy pine cone crafting decor ideas

7. Wreath

This DIY pine cone wreath is a super easy project. The link to the original post has all the step by step details to make one yourself.

pine cone wreath
pine cone wreath DIY

I made this during the summer for Christmas in July, so I’m looking forward to using it for the first time this holiday season.

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8. Garland

Another super easy pine cone craft is this rustic garland. All you need is burlap, pine cones and twine. That’s it. This garland is so versatile, I use it all the time in various ways.

garland from fall into winter

Once again all the instructions to make the garland are in the original post (follow the link).

9. Place Card

These Thanksgiving place cards were so easy to create simply with a pine cone and a shipping tag.

3 creative Thanksgiving place cards

The pine cones give rustic vibes while the silhouettes have a vintage feel, which is a perfect combination in my book.

tabletop pine cone ideas

10. Place Setting Detail

Even if you do not create the place cards, pine cones can add simple details to any table styling. I used white washed strobus pine cones as a place setting accent on this table.

pine cone winter table decorations

Such an easy thing to do, but it finishes off the table with a flourish.

11. Table Centerpiece

This dough bowl piled high with greenery, pine cones, mercury glass ornaments and candles below was a favorite styling a few years ago.

sentiment Christmas tablescape

Once again I extended this styling way past the new year through winter. I really can use pine cones all year long.

it’s all in the details

Pine cones can simply be placed strategically to style any area small or large. Spilling out of a fireplace is a favorite look for me.

Mini pine cones are sprinkled on this Thanksgiving tablescape. These are actually from Redwood trees that drop into our backyard from our neighbor’s property.

A simple strategically placed pine cone can speak volumes.

I hope this inspired some pine cone goodness for the season. These stylings from the past, have put me in the mood to decorate for the current season.

They’re little treasures that drop from the trees and wait like new friends to be found. Pine cones show us that we are all different, all beautiful, all perfect in our imperfection.”

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  1. Rachel says:

    What fantastic ideas in this one!!! Pinecones, acorns, pumpkins…they are all little nuggets of gold from nature that are SO easy and affordable to decorate with!! Like you said, they bring in that natural texture that is so pretty no matter what time of the year it is!

    1. Thank you Rachel. I’m on vacation RN but can’t wait to get back home to start decorating! XO- MJ

  2. Vicki says:

    So many great ideas. Thank you I love using pine cones

    1. Thank you so much Vicki! I hope it gave you some good ideas. XO- MJ

  3. MaryJo,
    All great ideas…Love the wreath!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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