happy new year

Grunge_champagneI love the freshness & possibilities of starting a new year.  First of all, I love any excuse for a party so new year’s eve is always fun.  We celebrated in our new home with some close friends & we love sharing our new space with the ones we love, knowing through the years we will make endless memories here.  As we start 2008 I’m very excited about all the things I hope to accomplish.  Here is a perfect example of the “new” horizon in our lives.  Phase one in the back yard should be completed tomorrow and we all love the way it has developed.  Mocha is still not 100% on board since he can’t run on the lawn until the sod fully takes to the soil, but I believe he’ll be just fine when it’s all said & done.
So here we are today:
and this is where we were yesterday (so to speak):
Big change, huh?  We think so & we love it.  You can read about it here when we just started this journey.  Buying this house will be one of the things we’ll never forget about 2007.  On that note, my last assignment in my Big Picture Scrapbooking (a year to remember) with Heidi Swapp is an assignment to document the eight (or whatever #) things I want to prominently remember about 2007.  here are mine:
  1. celebrating Sebastian’s 5th birthday in Uruguay during our every other year visits
  2. celebrating my 10 year anniversary with Matt
  3. spending 2 weeks in Italy, including grandpa Mike & grandma Marina, to celebrate grandpa turning 70 & our 10 years of marriage
  4. celebrating Lexi’s 3rd birthday in Italy
  5. buying our “home” finally
  6. Sebastian starting kindergarten (twice)
  7. my aunt visiting the USA for the 1st time
Seven is my lucky # so I’m stopping there.  And as far as my one, little word for 2008 (you can read about this on Ali Edwards blog) I’ve picked the word {order}, or it actually might have picked me, but we’ll see how it goes.  2008 ~ bring it on!


  1. evalyn says:

    The backyard looks great! Love the new retaining wall.

  2. María Julia says:

    Really beautiful the new house and the garden in the back. I’m sure you are going to enojoy it very much.
    sure, 2007 was a very good year, and for me too, specially the visit USA. I hope 2008 will be better, or at least the same.

  3. Renee says:

    MaryJo – the sod looks wonderful! Wow! That is a big change. Look at all that land – that looks wonderful! I hope you are settled and you live happily – spider free!
    Have a wonderful new year. Enjoy the new house.

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