happy birthday princess girl!


So…., birthday week is over (I know it’s no longer a birthDAY).  Lexi is officially 4 and she gets smarter & prettier by the minute.  I know I’m a bit biased, but c’mon look at that face.  She melts my heart so many times per day I can’t keep count.  Let’s not kid ourselves she also has her less than desirable moments, but it’s all part of the deal, right?  Anyway her actual birthday, June 24th, landed on a Tuesday which is our playgroup day so we hosted the fun at the park.  She loved the attention and played with her friends for hours.  We made cupcakes, which we talked about in the previous post, and I’m happy to say that we came home with NONE!  And that’s a very good thing, as our friend Martha would say (well she’s not really my friend, but apparently she’s not really anyone’s friend so I really don’t feel all that bad…..).
On Wednesday, Lexi brought treats to school to celebrate her birthday with all her Honey Bear classmates.  Popsicles for everyone & she wore a pink crown all day.  I have a similar picture of Sebastian as a honey bear with a blue crown when he turned 4 so I will have to scrap those side by side.  CUTE!  speaking of school, Lexi has been a Honey Bear for two weeks now (she moved up when the summer session started) AND she’s writing her name!  I’m so excited.  about a month or so ago she started drawing the faces & bodies I’ve been waiting for and now HER NAME!  She’s totally got that fine motor skills going on & I’m so excited & proud for her.  It’s so cool when it all clicks for them.  Amazing how the human brain works.
And last but not least, we had the princess celebration on Saturday for a few of her fellow princesses.  I had my friend’s daughter & friend (Megan & Meg, I know, a tad confusing, but it works) help me pamper the princesses.  They made crowns & wands and after that there were manicures, pedicures, make overs & we were prepared to do hairstyling but that didn’t seem to be of any interest to anyone.  Anyway, super cute and Lexi LOVED it!  She’s so girly, I love it.  She wants me to paint her nails all the time and I love the lip gloss a la Joker style from Batman.  Anyway,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear Alexandra,
happy birthday to you!
We love you baby girl!

I love hearing from you!