where to begin?

I don’t know where to start, what to write, it’s been waaaay too long.  I’ve actually have had family & friends inquire bout my blog neglect, which makes me feel really good.  Someone is reading.  Someone does care.  That makes the time & energy that it takes to maintain a current (ahem) blog, all worth while.  I have a ton I want to talk about, which I will attempt to incorporate daily until I feel somewhat caught up.  My absence was brought on by a 3 week visit from my in-laws, grandma marina & grandpa mike, and this is a good thing.  We visited Yosemite, which is an amazing place.
And I know Ansel Adams is an amazing photographer and all that, but it’s hard to go wrong with this type of subject matter.  Even an amateur like myself feels good, but truly pictures don’t even do the scenery justice.  It’s the magnitude that you can’t fully capture in one still photograph that is truly awe inspiring and so serene at the same time.  If you have never been it’s very much worth the trip & I highly recommend it.
Sebastian was in his glory wanting to climb everything he could, but hiking was at a minimum this trip between the kids and grandpa & grandma, we really had to take it easy.  I’m glad we were able to bring my in-laws here since they had never seen it and they truly enjoyed themselves.
The last time Matt & I were here was 10 years ago for our first anniversary, and I hope it won’t be another 10 years until we return ‘cuz I hope to be young enough to hike plenty more.  The rule will be:  you need to be on your own 2 feet all day long or it does not work for all those involved.  (the same rule applies for Disneyworld, but that’s for a different post at another time).
And when we come back, this is where I want to stay.  We had lunch at the Awanee (I’m not 100% sure I’m spelling it correctly) and it’s beautiful.  They have rooms that are little cottages in the middle of the woods with a porch you can sit out and enjoy the nature all around you.
And as much as we tried & wanted to spot a bear, there were none to be found for the Materazo clan.  Something to aspire to for the next trip….
I love this girl.  Amid the outdoor rugedness, she still remains girly & feminine.  I still can’t believe I was able to get her into shorts the first day, but yes, on the second day she wore a dress through the woods, as she should.
I love this one.  Do you see her fashion sense?  and lets not talk about the pouty attitude.  Where does she get that?!!?  and typical Sebastian.  If I could only add sound effects with this blog post (you probably can, I just don’t know how) it would complete the shot.  And grandpa loving it all, which in turn, I love.
Sebastian would have loved to climb half dome if we let him (& it probably will be in his future), he truly is a monkey boy.  It’s almost like he has suction cups on his hands & feet, the way he climbs everything.
I got him grounded here, I just love the look on his face.  I just wish I had better control over lighting in my photography.  I can’t wait to start my photography class next month, to learn all the things I’m doing wrong or not doing at all.  but speaking of photography, Sebi is pretty good himself.  He took this one.
and this one.
With that, I leave you with the promise to be a better blogger.

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  1. Julie Bily says:

    Yeah! You are so right about “liitle miss” and her pouty looks in your pictures! She has attitude! It looks like you had a great time…I look forward to catching up on your upcoming blogs!

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