life IS good

I LOVE this boy, but that goes without saying, right?  Well, he just astounds me sometimes with the things that come out of his mouth.  Lexi turns four tomorrow, which I’ll go into further detail down below, so we baked some cupcakes today for playgroup tomorrow.  I allowed one cupcake for dessert, which both of my kids wanted without frosting, which is how I like it, which just makes me smile, you know, that whole apple doesn’t fall far from the tree thing, but anyway, Sebastian suddenly disappears into the family room.  immediately I become irate & ask him if he’s eating in the family room & he better get back in the kitchen & eat it properly at the kitchen table, to which he replies, “naah, I just put it back, I don’t want it”.  To which in turn I reply (after I quickly count all the cupcakes to make sure he’s not pulling a fast one, and he’s not) “Sebi are you sure, you don’t want one?”.  Can you say perplexed?  AND he calmly replies, “no, it has sugar & it will make me hyper & I’ll stay up too late & it will make me late for my first day of school tomorrow.”  Totally serious.  He doesn’t even understand the complexity of what he just said, but he’s totally sincere.  I gave him a huge kiss.  It’s moments like this I need to remember when he’s pushing every button possible.  and deep down inside I know he pushes these buttons ‘cuz he’s a smart boy & he’s just testing, but when you’re in the middle of the battlefield it’s easy to forget.  If I had any doubt about enrolling Sebi in the summer enrichment program, which I didn’t & don’t, this surely confirms it was the perfect choice.  He’s clearly looking forward to it, ‘cuz he’s the kind of kid that enjoys learning & thrives on structure.  I took this picture of him on Saturday at Lexi’s recital & it’s the first shot w/ his new haircut.  Not that you can really see his hair, but you sort of get the idea.  Matt took him on Thursday & we finally changed his haircut after almost 4 years to a shorter style & he immediately matured before our eyes & grew 5 inches.  Amazing, huh?!?
Now… to the girl of the hour:  Lexi turns FOUR tomorrow.  That’s right, June 24th, four years ago our family became complete.  I can’t believe how time flies & she’s really becoming quite a big girl.  It’s very hard for me, ‘cuz she’s my little baby but she truly is growing faster than I can compute.  This week she moved up to the honey bear classroom at preschool & she transitioned without skipping a beat.  She comes home singing the new songs she’s learning and always hugs all her teachers goodbye.  Besides being super sweet, she’s just very,very poised & social in front of people and that probably has something to do with the fact she just had her 2nd recital this past Saturday before the age of 4.  Tomorrow we will celebrate her birthday at playgroup with cupcakes & treats with some friends BUT Saturday is the princess celebration where Lexi & her friends will get manicures, pedicures, make-up & hairstyles.  I’ll post pictures of all the festivities as they happen.  here’s a picture from last Saturday before her recital.  She danced & sang to “baby take a bow”.  She was the only one on stage from her group that danced AND sang their routine.  Ms. Polly, her dance instructor, was kind enough to burn the song on a CD for us & we’ve been playing it in the car for weeks.  the whole family knows it by heart & I leave you with this bunch of personality….


  1. {lea} says:

    Aww. Happy birthday to Lexi! I know what you mean about Seb. Our son’s the same age, and he makes decisions like that, too. 🙂 Isn’t it amazing what a haircut can do?
    Have a great day!

  2. evalyn says:

    She’s too cute! Happy birthday to her!

  3. tía Mary says:

    Divina bailarina !!! y Sebi, qué grande,
    Hermosos los dos…

  4. tía Mary says:

    Estoy esperando ver las fotos .”Princess day”on Saturday.
    con ese corte de pelo, Sebi, looks like a little man.

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